Theorycrafting: Issues that arose 4/26/14 and what we can do to fix them



Post what you have or any suggestions below.

My points/ideas:

1)We need to do a better job of using terrain in group fights. I have confidence in any commander’s ability to do this, more of the responsibility is in the hands of YOU as a player. We saw tonight that choke points win fights, so it’s important to remember this. We lost most of our zerg to 2-3 DK’s shield bashing the shit out of a door. When we see stairs, doors, or natural chokes we need to take advantage of them and make the enemy run into the choke, where we can AoE them.

2)Siege usage. I think it would be wise to make a map with siege spots. I don’t have the capability or time to do so but it is very doable and I would appreciate if someone would step up and do it.

3)Healers. We need more dedicated healers and people with healing on a second bar.

4)Moving as a cohesive unit. We had a very long tail tonight and need to fix that. When there was an all call to go through a door we had only 50% of our unit going. Those who don’t follow directions compromise the entire team.

5)Conduct in mumble. We would have one person trying to say something in mumble and they would be cut off by unimportant things. Unless you have scouting calls, manners in mumble will greatly improve the enviornment.


All good points. I learned a great deal about large group pvp tonight. Unfortunately I think the DC raid was better coordinated than us, and split up more effectively to take different objectives simultaneously. Even though we had two full groups, we weren’t able to match that. I felt like the biggest barrier for me trying to lead the raid wass the conduct in mumble. There were a few people in particular that were consistently off topic, and not meeting the standard of the code of conduct for the guild. I felt like I expected people to keep up with me, but it’s difficult to talk over people to get them headed in the right direction. Overall I felt like we had a lot of great fights, but we had a lot we can work on.


I wasn’t there tonight (stupid high school reunion) but I think these thoughts echo what we’ve dealt with in PVP even when not raiding.
A few ideas -

  • We could use one person who repeats anything said in mumble into group/zone chat for those who aren’t in mumble.
  • Mumble should be considered a need if not must have; priority for joining groups should definitely go to those on mumble.
  • Bullshitting in mumble is fun and all but during raids there needs to be a priority on battle comms.
  • Everyone that can should have a resto staff and a few stat points thrown away to it, the impact of healing on pvp is huge, even if there isn’t a lot of xp/ap gain for it
  • If you’re not up for following directions don’t join one of the raid groups. We have lots of capable leaders such as vocino, the one true emperor™, magnus, etc. but it does no good if no one is willing to listen.


I think that mumble should be required for everyone in PvP, and everyone in this guild. If you can go into cyrodil you can get into mumble. Also, I don’t think we should give group spots to people not in mumble, they can blow ambushes etc.


I think we either need to go into strats and co mumble or get some of us mod privileges in Reddithium mumble, as I or anyone else could then call out people talking over the commander and mute them if they don’t stop. I felt a noticable difference between this and our usual hang out channel: I was being cut off every other time I tried to say something. I think it’s important to set a standard now early into the game and find people that fit the mold, rather than accommodating our standards to the mumble.


As I said in another thread, it may be difficult to get people moved over initially but it might be worth it at this point.