There has been an interesting breakthrough in pixel density


This article is talking about this paper, and I’m super-pumped about what this team of scientists pulled off:

Essentially more pixels operating with less power consumption per pixel; hype!


just means when the price goes up, it’s gonna be longer before I get vr… but still awesome!


I don’t think we’ll see a big (if any) jump in cost. I’m sure it’ll be a bit before they have it commercial-ready, and it’ll probably cost comparably to current systems (if not cheaper) by then.


Started reading and thought “I doubt this has much effective application in consumer monitors…”

Then I kept reading… “VR? Oh snap!”


When these hit the market they will be exensive as hell for a year or so and then drop down to normal prices. Gotta pay the new shiny tax.


Again, I highly doubt it; it’s the same way we see technological leaps in other hardware and it’s not crazy-expensive on release compared to what the previous generation cost when it first came out (TV’s, cell phones, GPU’s, etc.).


Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see when they hit the market, new tech in things like TV’s usually gets a premium price for a little while.


Yes and no; like I said, it’s generally the same “premium price” that the preceding iteration on the tech had, though, so it’s not like it’s going to be much (if any) more expensive than the latest-and-greatest was when the last generation of tech dropped.