They call me Droul...a reintroduction


Hello again Strats…my name is Mike but you can call me Droul. As you can see, from my title, I tend to fall asleep in chat when I game too long…lol. Ask @Auth sometime and he will tell you stories :slight_smile: . I have been with Strats a long time…almost 2 years…and am one of our senior citizens here as I am 47 years old. I started gaming when I was a kid when Pong was all the rage, have had/played on most every console known to man. Started PC gaming in the early 90’s when I met a woman who was a huge pc nerd. She got me into bbs wares trading and then onto #efnet where I became a courier for some wares groups. All along the way playing console after console with sports games being my favorite in those days.

The Xbox 360 got me back to gaming after a hiatus and I never looked back. Started playing Wow in 2005 and am still subscribed but haven’t played in about 6 months. Today my staple is the PS4 and Destiny. My library includes Fallout 4, Borderlands the handsome collection, Madden 16, Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed, MLB The Show just to name a few.

I have played many PC titles mixed in and was the guild leader of our Strats Wildstar branch. I am currently hooked on simulation games with Farming Simulator 15 and Euro Truck simulator being my favorites. Played some Guild War 2 and Albion for a while but always comeback to my sim games. My next big task will be leading Strats agents into Tom Clancy’s The Division. Can’t wait for its release and am looking forward to playing with all of you who are getting it.

I am always here if anyone needs help with anything…feel free to hit me up. Thanks to @vocino and @tommy2118 and @Auth for putting up with me for so long :wink:

I look forward to meeting more of you than I already have!


Welcome to Strats, good to have you :wink:


Nice re-introduction @droul. Glad to have you here. It would not be the same without you. Good luck with The Division.


Wow, they’ll let anyone in here it seems. Can’t wait to play The Division with you, I just wish you would reconsider your foolish choice to pick PS4 as your primary machine for the game. :smile:


Welcome to Strats! It’s nice to see new members :wink:


Nice post Droul. I’m going to have to post one of these too if I don’t get time to game with you guys fairly soon.
/sigh Life happens


Obviously since you are here…



welcome back man; stoke to co-op in The Division with ya!!


How about BBS gaming? BRE? SRE? LotRD? Trade Wars?


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