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For those of us that were waiting for the changes of attunement that dropped the Dungeon requirement from Silver to bronze then your wait is over. Come back to the pool. The water is cool. That is right the dungeon requirement for attunement has been dropped from Silver to bronze which is alot easier to do. Best part about it is that it retroactively applies to your character. Logged in and found that i’m 75% done with dungeons. Awesome right. Still not sure about coming back, well there is more. The grind that is collecting elder gems to gain those skill and amp points has gotten some help. You now have the ability to gain skill and amp point through other means. See the post here from @Auth. This was rolled out at the same time as the dungeon change. Lots of good things happening here for attunement so come on back and see what’s changed. I’ll be on running adventure/Dungeons/Rep Farms so just holler. We’ll get everyone thruough attunement so come log on and welcome back to Nexus.


Great news.


AMPs General

  • AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Point Unlocks are now more likely to drop from creature kills and PvP bags. BOE.
  • Single-Use AMP Power and Ability Tier Point unlock items have been added to the PvP consumables vendors. 2 AMP upgrades can be purchased for 4000 prestige each. 1 Ability Tier Point unlock can be purchased for 5000 prestige.
  • Single-use AMP Upgrade Points have been made available on cap-level reputation vendors in the Northern Wastes, Crimson Isle, and Malgrave (R-12 event). 50g each.
  • Single-use Ability Tier Unlock Points have been made available on the-cap level reputation vendors in Blighthaven. 50g.
  • Completing Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair or Veteran Kel Voreth and earning a gold medal will now each reward a Single-use AMP Upgrade. 1 time per character per dungeon. You will not be allowed to roll on this item if you have already received the reward from the dungeon.
  • Completing Veteran Skullcano or Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and earning a gold medal will now each reward a Single-use Ability Tier Unlock. Same limitations as AMP upgrade in Stormtalon and Kel Voreth.
  • Added Single-use AMP Power and Ability Tier Point Unlock items to Path rewards at levels 15 and 30, respectively. These rewards can also be purchased from the Path reward vendors in capital cities for players who have already surpassed these path level thresholds. 1 copper each at reward vendor.

Edit: Added prestige costs for AMP and Ability Tier Point unlocks.

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Welp, guess it’s back into Walatiki to get my feelings hurt more :wink: