They're still pushing SWTOR really hard


There were also huge screens playing the newest trailer.


What event is this?


Second @waywards question.

But ya, I’ve been getting emails again the last few weeks pushing it.


I wish SWTOR had more reason to play it.

I can’t get into it for more than a little while at a time, every time I do the cash shop smacks me in the face for every little thing I want to accomplish.

Last delve I thought I had found a way around it for the most part by spending money but even then they smack you in the face with it through their collections system (AKA Spend MORE money!) and how it doesn’t support dropped armor sets, only things bought in their cash shop…

If you want to do and collect everything in that game I wonder how many thousands you would spend.


I honestly loved it as single player/coop game when subscribed, but its bad when you’ve bought just the passes for shit or are only preferred member (used to subscribe but no longer do lol). I tried it out “free” a week ago and quit within an hour or two.


Star Wars Celebration in London


The best solo character building experience that I have ever experienced in an MMO is over-shadowed by a F2P system that just takes you out of the Star Wars Universe and into your wallet.


Yeah I noticed a lot of ads online too. I bought it when it came out since they did away with SWG I figured it might be good. I played it awhile with friends but we all gave up on it.




Played it to the bitter end. I have not personally played a game like it since.


I miss my Wookie Bounty Hunter…SWG was amazing. Were you one when they did the final shutdown?


I wasn’t there the day the servers got shout down I was out of town with no access to a computer :frowning:
Saw video of it though and wish I was there since I was there when the servers came up at the beginning.


It was one of those moments where you realized that everyone playing were all real people, you know? Shared stories, friendly fights, all kinds of stuff going on. Same with when the Gamespy stuff went down for Halo.