Things I learned in Destiny today

  1. I hate any gun not named Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, or Shotgun. I made an effort to try the Pulse & Fusion Rifles since they were my highest-damage weapons. They are about to be spare parts.

  2. I want to always be <15ft from my target. Trying to scope a Sniper Rifle in close range is bad.

  3. I like fisticuffs. I regularly engage Knights in melee.


Watch for pulse rifles to suck a lot less once they hit the auto rifles with the upcoming nerf.

#Shotgun4Life :wink:

[quote=“teh_ninjaneer, post:1, topic:2795”]
I like fisticuffs. I regularly engage Knights in melee.
[/quote] I need to make a Titan!

You may want to reconsider fusion rifles, in the high level strikes and raid, fusion rifles are commonly used to break shields when in close quarters, then finished off with the primary against shielded enemies. It works well b/c of the elemental damage on fusion rifles. Most 25+ players typically carry 3, one for each type of damage. :smile:

Ifelt the same way at twenty two. I got in spots where you need elements and the fusion rifle is great. Takes some time though.

If it’s in close, my shotgun does the same while being able to crit on subsequent shots. At mid-close I’ll give the fusion rifle an edge, but I just close the distance in that instance and take the shotgun shot anyhow followed by a quick double-jump to avoid getting hit with a melee. It’s like the Crucible, but with dumber enemies :wink:

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It’s not that pulse rifles are bad, I’ve just always avoided the 3-round burst style even in other shooters. Guess I prefer to scream like Rambo and spray.

I should probably point out I’m usually in Defender mode and charge up my personal shield before I expect to get hit by that sword.

And I agree with Auth, the shotgun should serve the same purpose against shields; differences are effective range and time to apply the hurt (shotgun’s instant application vs fusion’s charge-up).

The main thing that will make me reconsider pulse & fusion is how viable close-quarters actually is during the raid. That Lightswitch modifier is already making me be cautious about going Mortal Kombat.

Today I learned:

That Fallen Walker you fight during the Earth Strike… the one that laser beams you to death… it’s present in Patrol mode too! This will certainly make that Kill 3 Fallen Walkers bounty much easier.

I stumbled upon this while clearing the map during a Vanguard rep grind.

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Yup, he’s also softer than the one in the raid by a good bit. For note: only the person who deals the finishing blow will get credit for the kill towards the bounty.

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TIL if you help a team struggling to get into the Vault of Glass and lend your assistance, you can just follow them inside! Trouble is, none of the chests spawn and you will potentially get locked inside once the door closes behind them :wink: