Thinking about getting an XB1? Wait until Black Friday


This is apparently an actual Black Friday deal that will be up for grabs; check out this article for more details :wink:


It’s a “doorbuster” though.


It’s an online sale though.


You have to wait to play fallout 4. Deal breaker.


Wait there’s a Gears of War for Xbox One? Where have I been…


They re-released Gears 1 on xbox one :smiley:.


Ah good times. That was my first purchase “last-gen”


why? it comes out on the 10th and this deal isnt until the 26th.


right, thats 16 days everyone else is playing fallout.


Pretty sweet deal.


aaaaahhh…i read that wrong and thought you meant it didnt come out until after the sale :blush:


Eww, it’s also the 500GB version.