This Civil War trailer shows why Marvel is superior


Marvel is currently making movies that stay true to character. And they are just awesome.


Agreed though they do change the civil war story line a bit for the movie due to contract stuff among other reasons. I was a huge fan of civil war in the comics, so even if just half the story is there I’m sure it will still be awesome.


I understand that some liberties must be taken due to contracts, time restraints, etc. but as I said at least Marvel tried to stay true-to-character.

Compared to Man of Steel and how I expect Batman v Superman to play out. Did you know that Zack Snyder intends to make an R-rated cut of BvS (for the DVD/digital release) likely because Deadpool did so well? Are Batman and Superman really R-rated characters?

I will always Make Mine Marvel.


that just reeks of cash grab to me. i actually like Zack Snyder too from his previous work (300, Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead were all great), but he started losing me with Man of Steel.


If done in a reality setting? 100%

Batman beats the shit out of people for his job and in the 2nd movie of TDK tossed a guy off a balcony. The only reason there wasn’t an R-rating on these was the lack of gore shown.

Hell joker even killed a guy by shoving a pencil in his eye, burned a guy alive…

There are a few times but if you look at the reality of the situation the fights that Superman takes part in cause city-wide destruction. Sure he saves the day but the city is virtually in ruins each fight.

There is also the scene in the animated series where he lobotomizes Doomsday:

Yeah could totally see a rated R version of super hero movies. Kinda sucks it took this long to do it.


That Superman was a member of the Justice Lords from a parallel universe.

Just sayin’.

Edit - The point I was trying to make in my earlier post is that there shouldn’t be an R-rated version just to capitalize on the success of Deadpool. Deadpool is an R-rated character. Batman and Superman are not. Batman doesn’t kill on a whim. Superman doesn’t make a habit of killing Zod.

Yes Superman usually causes mass destruction during a fight but that’s because he has stupid powers and needs cosmic-level baddies for someone to be a threat to him. Unless you keep bringing in some plot device like mass amounts of kryptonite that Luthor always stumbles upon.


Assuming they go this route with BvS, I think the idea is that batman sees the destruction that superman is dealing out and understand that why he is saving them ultimately he is also causing mass death and destruction as result.

It would be like a movie being released under the premise that the main character was simply an observer of the aftermath of the fights of the super-heroes. They would be seeing War of the Worlds but with the aliens being super-heroes and villains.

I agree though, if they are capping on the success of Deadpool then it will be a sub-par move.


I actually think BvS and Civil War will have similar base storylines. Power corrupts and keeping power in check.

BvS will have the little boys beating on each other for a while until Wonder Woman breaks the fight up just in time for Doomsday to smack everyone around.