This GM was awesome!


I added funds to the EU account instead of the US one. This is my exchange with the GM.

Salutations! Game Master Fanigahn here and happy to make your acquaintance. I hope your day has been great
so far. While I take a moment to review your ticket, can we start the resolution of your issue with your first and last
name please? :slight_smile:

I can help with this, please note though that the balance is not intended to be canceled or refunded. So today this
will be an exception in the future please be careful as we are not always able to assist with this request.

Please give me a few moments.

ME: (was takin a piss while he first messaged me:D)


I have set the transaction up to be declined, it will not go threw, additionally if you have a pending transaction it
will not be claimed either, most banks return unclaimed pending transactions with in 3­5 days.

thanks for helping me out
you are awesome
if i could bake cookies i would send you like tons of them. Thanks again

I would eat every crum ! :smiley:
And I wouldnt share them with the rest of the office :stuck_out_tongue:
No they are secret cookies. Merry winds to ya