This Is Me, Nice to Meet You

This Is Me

Hello everyone, my name is Alex “xALRock” feel free to call whichever.

I am a 23 yr old MAN with a squeaky voice… (unfortunately). I was always that kid who wasn’t allowed to talk in team chats cuz my voice was too annoying.

regardless, I’m a gamer, aspiring content creator and a good ol’ stud.

I’ve mainly been playing Hearthstone lately, some league, and am going to try and get into H1Z1.
I, of course, play Minecraft, but who doesn’t now days?

I have an aspiration to stream and youtube more. I tried it for like a couple of months, but stopped.

Anyways, hope to game with you guys soon and thank you all so much for reading.


P.S. Invaderdoom referred me


Hi Alex welcome to Strats!

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well thank you sir

What’s the highest rank you’ve got in Hearthstone? What do you normally play? I used to really enjoy hearthstone but quit right before the G&G update

rank 19 was the farthest i got, but I have been focusing on leveling up the classes and arenas more though.

My collection of cards isn’t too large and a good way to build it up is through arenas and dailies. So those are the things i’ve been really focusing on.
But once the next season starts, and i grind through naxxramas, im going to start doing ranked more often.

so far it’s been proving to be fun

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Welcome to the Dark side brother.

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Welcome aboard! Just so you know, a bunch of us play Minecraft too :wink:

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Hiiiii Alex + welcome! :smiley: I hope you like it here on the forums.

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appreciate the welcomes guys. :smiley:

Told you everyone was awesome here @xALRock! There’s a lot of functionality to this place and by far my favorite gaming community I’ve been a part of.

Now fire up that stream again and represent Strats! :wink:


Welcome to Strats!

Welcome squeaky one. ^-^

Greetings and welcome to Strats!

I dabble in Hearthstone and LoL but i’m not very good at either of them. I pretty much stick to Minecraft and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Hope you enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Welcome, If its your dream never give up, grasp that dream with every breath you take, until you run out of breaths, or your dream is achieved.



thank you all for the welcomes, i appreciate it. going to try and get mumble setup today. will be good

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Hey @xALRock, any friend of @ThatDoomThough is a friend of ours. Welcome!


hello its nice to meet you!

Hey, welcome to Strats