This Is My Baby. :)

So i was just gonna put all this in the topic I already had going, but she’s such a beauty she deserves a separate topic.


If you drag them into the thread from your computer it will host it through our server.

Edit: Do what @vocino said.

Don’t embed. Just post the link to the album and it will work.

yeah was gonna do that but its alot of pictures. and @Vocino ok i was gonna do that but was only showing one pic.

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Should be an album link.

shank ya again. its been a long time since i’ve used a comp y’all got all this new fangled stuff y’know :P.

hmm just realized i didn’t take any pics with the liquid cooler on. i had accidentally put the cooler that came with the cpu on first, but i fixed that lol.

A bundle of joy!

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Look awesome bud! Glad it’s up and running for ya.

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Thanks man. She was a hassle, but it all worked out.

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I’m sure it was worth the time and effort though :slight_smile:

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Most definitely brother. Now just gotta get a few more things for her, and figure out this streaming stuff and I’m all good to go.

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Where’s the picture of you lovingly embracing it? I am disappointed


I figured we’d keep it G-Rated in here for all the kiddies.


That must be one heck of a hug. Maybe I DON’T want to see that.

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That double wide tower is dope. SO. MUCH. ROOM. Nice job. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks brother. oh and so all of you know, her name is Shakira.


The singer?

Yeah, cuz she’s got the hips(body) that don’t lie.


What the actual fuck. :confused: