This weeks Vault of Glass


Since our raid from 9/16 stopped at the final boss and we could not get 6 people to continue afterwards - I am wondering if it would be possible to fix a team for the final boss before the reset, I know others also tried the raid, so thereby I ask the question again:
Can we get a group for the final boss for today, 9/22 6 PM eastern? Sign up via reply, I will add people here this way (I got no clue how to create a wiki :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • @Moro (27 Titan defender)

It’s a wiki now :wink:

Iwould love to but I’m only level twenty five😔

I’m in for this as always.

Also anyone aiming to finish the raid this week needs to aim for at least lvl 27. 28 would be even better.

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Same position as dynamible unfortunately. Soon to be 26:(

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I can’t make any early this week @Moro but you can count me in starting Thursday when you start fresh

I hit 26 yesterday so if you guys need me i’m up for it tonight.

I’m level 26, and hopefully will get another piece or two of legendary gear when I get home from work today from the Queens Wrath.

That aside, I’d like to give the VOG a shot this week if anyone would like to assist.

PS4 - NVS_1 of course.