This weeks Vault of Glass




Since our raid from 9/16 stopped at the final boss and we could not get 6 people to continue afterwards - I am wondering if it would be possible to fix a team for the final boss before the reset, I know others also tried the raid, so thereby I ask the question again:
Can we get a group for the final boss for today, 9/22 6 PM eastern? Sign up via reply, I will add people here this way (I got no clue how to create a wiki :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • @Moro (27 Titan defender)


It’s a wiki now :wink:


Iwould love to but I’m only level twenty five😔


I’m in for this as always.

Also anyone aiming to finish the raid this week needs to aim for at least lvl 27. 28 would be even better.


Same position as dynamible unfortunately. Soon to be 26:(


I can’t make any early this week @Moro but you can count me in starting Thursday when you start fresh


I hit 26 yesterday so if you guys need me i’m up for it tonight.


I’m level 26, and hopefully will get another piece or two of legendary gear when I get home from work today from the Queens Wrath.

That aside, I’d like to give the VOG a shot this week if anyone would like to assist.

PS4 - NVS_1 of course.