Thor: Ragnarok trailer


Looks a hell of a lot better than what I was expecting.


I saw a few set pictures a bit ago, and wasn’t sure whether it’d be amazing or cheesy; I’m banking on amazeballs now :wink:


I think it looks great! I was saying in discord that people were hating on it because they think all marvel movies are starting to get more silly and humorous since Gaurdians of the Galaxy was such a success. I think that silliness has always been there since the first Iron Man movie. Here are comic book movies. They’re supposed to be a little goofy. So I’m not sure what the internet was expecting. Silly internet.

Oh and Cate Blanchett as Hela rocks my socks.


I think I read this story before. It was called Planet Hulk.

So if I want a good Hulk story I have to watch Thor to get it.

Really though, the movie looks fun. Reminds me of the first Thor movie.


I read a while back that they were sort of planning on merging the 2 stories, Ragnarok and Planet Hulk. I guess they were worried about doing a stand-alone hulk movie since they already failed twice at that.



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