Thorn Bounty- Xyor the Unwed. Help?

I have this part of my Thorn bounty left to do. It involves going into the Summoning Pits Strike (a custom waypoint since I’m the one with bounty), and hanging around Phogoth until Xyor shows face for roflstomping. I want to run this tonight about 8pm CST, would anyone be interested in helping/completing this with me? I want to say it would combine with several of the bounties being offered for today. PS4 Gamertag: ohnokenzilla

I might be able to help later tonight. Would be closer to 11 or so. If you’re still needing help then, let me know.


Friend request sent!

Hey sorry @ohnokenzilla I fell asleep on the couch. Still need help?

Yeah, last night was a failure in a whole lotta ways. Can’t win them all though. I’ll be on most evenings this week, look me up.

Let me know as well i have the bounty

I should be on around 7pm tonight CST if you want to give it a go. Plan on hitting the Nightfall, Weekly, and Daily too if possible.

Sounds good man

Didn’t see you on, got it knocked out. Still look me up, it was a bit of a pain.

Yeah sorry brother got caught up at the movies. And yeah I’ve done it before gonna try and solo it probably later