Thorn heroic strike challenge

Hey, guys. I’m kinda new to the forums, but I’m looking for a group to run the lvl 26 heroic strike for the thorn exotic handcannon. If anybody’s up for it, just friend me and send me a msg. I’m on PS4, and my PSN id is the same as my name (VaultBoyPS).

I’m into it, will join on you in a minute.

Is there anybody else?

I’ll hop on

Make sure you dont kill phogoth, until the rascal xyor is dead! its almost nightfall difficulty :smiley:

It’s pretty rough, but I managed to solo it (after a couple hours of experimenting and wishing people were playing that late at night). He spawns in the 3rd wave of ships, so keep killing those adds :wink:

Thanks to Nubs and Skull for helping out. I really appreciate it :smile: