Thoughts on creating an "Assets" subcategory in "Streaming"?


Continuing the discussion from User Created Strats Artwork and Assets:

We’ve amassed a huge thread with custom assets. At this point there are multiple stakeholders that should probably have their own independent threads.

Should we go ahead and create a subcategory under Streaming called Assets?


I think it would benefit the artists/creators. Help give them credit for their work and keep their assets localized.


I concur


I think the counterpoint would be that these should just be independent threads within the Streaming category.


I thought you were looking for a yes man. :dickbutt:

Then let’s give them each an independent thread and pin it to the Streaming category!


How about a set ‘asset’ tag that anybody can use whiten the streaming category. That being said, I’d prefer the subcategory.


Maybe sub category of streaming called creative. Consider, requiring the use of imgur.


If the subcategory is called “Creative”, what is the “Streaming” category actually for?


I see your point “Assets” is the better title.

With that being said, I think that a member that wants to post Assets should have a single thread. It would almost serve as a portfolio and it would keep everything together. This would also look better then a subcategory with only a few threads in it, if there was not much participation.


Ok that works.

I guess if people want to make a request for assets, just put it in Streaming and someone will pick it up.


Yes, or they could reply to someone’s “portfolio” thread…


That limits who can respond to it. That’s sort of why I was thinking of a subcategory or some way to structure it so it wasn’t just singular huge threads.

To me, it makes more sense to put it out there that you’re looking for assets for your channel and have those interested in working on it reply with their offerings.

From there the OP can just grab something that was made and put it up.


In a prior forum, we did pin their “portfolio” page to the top if it was an active/popular thread to get resources from and the person running it was interested in making the content. This way, it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. They would become unpinned after x days/months of inactive posts.

A separate “Assets” sub-cat only separates the posts (which can be acquired by pinning) but doesn’t actually stop there from being a mass amount of posts in that thread of just random stuff, inquiries and acquisitions, etc.

I don’t know if this applies so much to this forum, as the “Streaming” category isn’t as busy as others have been.


I’m just looking at it from the “glass half empty” prospective. If the interest fades we will have a sub with only a few posts. However, I should be looking at this as a growth opportunity. People who need assets linking up with people who make assets. It might be one of the most popular categories to date.


Well for now I’ve just added a thread for myself and changed @Wheatums’ thread to reflect the structure. We’ll go from there and see how it works when people put up request threads.


I’m sure it’s more of a six in one, half dozen in the other kind of scenario. I’m sure whatever way is available, someone is going to use it regardless.

In the one scenario, you’ll have people requesting specific artists if they like their style, or posting openly if they want something new.

In the other, they’ll always post in assets, an artist can pick them up, and then plop the results right in the same thread.

I don’t think it’s right or wrong either way.


Not wrong, just trying to make it easier for people. Like I said, this works for now.