Thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition - *Spoiler Free*

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I am liking this game more and more! I’ve only put ~15 hours into the game, and that isn’t enough time to even get into the meat of it, especially if you don’t go for story missions right away (which you shouldn’t, just how I view Skyrim… except get out of the Hinterlands for sure, you’ll come back later!).

In terms of the single player campaign, there is a whole lot to do. Although the game doesn’t really open up until after you do a few story missions (where i’m at right now), I’ve been having a ton of fun doing the side quests and leveling up my characters. If you have played either of the two previous games, there are numerous improvements to the action.

I’ve been playing a bunch of the multiplayer the past couple of days too. I find it a good distraction to the main game, but since the whole experience is quite shallow, and it is merely a supplement. It takes a long time to advance in MP as well, since the grind for new characters was created to take a very long time unless you are lucky. I wish there was more to the multiplayer experience in order for Strats to have a strong presence there, but four members can still group up for a good 20-30 minute adventure.

Tell us your thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition! (Please keep this thread spoiler free, for my sake!)


I’m loving it, and have managed to pump around 8 hours into it. I’ve recently moved this weekend, so I’ve been a bit MIA lately.

I’ve yet to try the multiplayer though, hoping to try it out at some point.

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I’m down for MP any time!

And for everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

Great write up Pitt. Knowing you are a fan of the past BioWare games and that you are enjoying this one is a good sign. I’ll be excited to sink in those hours, I see it on the dashboard every time I boot up my PS4 but I just don’t have the time to play it all!

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Thanks for the write up!

Would you say multiplayer is where the replayability is? Is the single player campaign long?

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This game would be able to stand strong by itself with the single player alone. I haven’t touched the multiplayer, but what I’ve read it could use some work, but is essentially a bonus to the game.

It took many reviewers 80+ hours to finish the game to write their reviews. While the multiplayer has replayability, some people may be turned off by its lack of depth and grind treadmill. Its entertaining enough to keep my attention however. In my opinion, you are getting a really good value for $60 with how much time you can put in to this game.

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I would like to add that I quite enjoy this game. I have only played a tiny tiny bit of the multiplayer but it looks interesting as well. For the story part I am super excited to get farther in but everyone keeps inviting me to play GTAV - waaah time management -_-


Dragon age beats GTA V… no discussion needed lol.

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Should have gotten it for the PC, then you could play both. At the same time!

Actually not because my PS4 is hooked up to the TV I use as a computer monitor - bam! What now genius? xD

I’d like to get into the multiplayer if anybody is interested. The single player is amazing, I’ve put nearly 90 hours in and am nowhere near being done.

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I was a bit intimidated by the explosion of stuff to do at first. I think i’m getting better though as i go through each destination. Don’t forget to show us what your Inquisitor looks like!

So I killed my first dragon today, put up a stream actually had a few people watch me fail a few times before finally getting it, and all I can say is amazing, they put alot of work into this game and it shows and it’s pretty frigging awesome. If you wanna see the fight you can check my twitch channel it should be in my archives


Who else keeps making the sad face because there is no extra storage space?
Inventory so tiny. :frowning:

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Haha there’s a perk to add 15 spots, and make sure you’re turning in you’re creature materials that takes up alot of space

I know but I am a hoarder - must have all my shinnies!

Haha, are you on right now? Have you tried the multilayer yet?

I ave only played multiplayer twice now I think, (got o-so-slaughtered) never actually successfully murdered the end boss.
And no I wasn’t on at the time of your query - I was playing pokemon :3

Multiplayer can’t really be “beaten” until you level up first. @DrizztDo_Urden69, @Decrepitsonnet, and I had a good time killin baddies last night.

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