Thoughts on IRL streaming to Twitch?



So I’m thinking about doing some IRL streaming to Twitch. I have mostly only been doing this for friends-only feeds of Facebook. I’m about to pick up an iphone gimbal by DJI.

I’ll be at Disney World with the fam at the end of the month and I think that could be a cool test.

Does anyone have any feelings one way or the other about this kind of streaming?


Personally, I think you need only look as far as Ice Poseidon to get an idea of what the end-game of IRL streaming. I suppose it has its merits, but to me it just seems a bit silly. The original was an interesting experiment and experience, but nothing since has been anywhere near as neat.


That video inspired me!


What about something like TwitchCon, BlizzCon, etc? Or visiting Google, Youtube, etc?


Experiences like that where a lot of folks can’t afford to go or aren’t able to go because of the special permissions required are an entirely different thing altogether; I think that manner of stream is a lot more valuable and interesting than what I typically think of when someone says “IRL Stream.”


Social Eating did so well.


Social eating sounds fascinating.


Did you never watch that? People sitting in front of the camera eating.


Sorry I missed it.