Thoughts on music (Spotify) during a stream?

I go back and forth on this. On the one hand, I would like to listen to music. On the other, I know there are copyright issues.

I personally have no interest in music while watching a stream. I’m there to watch a game so I want to hear the game’s sounds (and game’s music).

I think it depends on what you want to establish as your stream environment. Personally, I don’t care overmuch to have music streaming because it makes for a mess when getting clips together and such, but to each their own.

That didn’t take much convincing. Going with no music.

While it seems your mind is made up, I have on occasion fired up Pretzel in place of the game music (usually Overwatch).

Yeah that’s an option. Twitch also has a library available that I could use. Most of these songs are shared until the same license across Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, etc. so it should be ok.

If I can’t play “real” music, I’d probably just prefer in-game though.

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I usually have music and/or Discord up while streaming. Idk what it is, but I haven’t been able to play a game with the sound and music on for years. IMO, much more relaxing to listen to my own music and play games. Now, copyrights are definitely an issue, but I’ll usually try to find some no copyright playlists on Spotify.

when watching mobas i kinda enjoy having music in the background, because like for an example league of legends gets really monotonous after maybe 10 mins.
now with music if its low enough most of the time it doesn’t trigger the mute on twitch. i kinda know because i play Truckers FM on the radio built into American truck sim and not get flagged

I think it largely depends on what you’re playing and what you’re doing. Super casual stream, and you’re playing a game where there is no voice chat between teammates/opponents, and it’s an RTS/Moba where audio queues aren’t generally terribly important, then sure, toss on some music, but only as background noise.

If it’s a game where audio queues are important (CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch, etc.) and/or you’re playing in a competitive environment, I say game audio takes priority. Especially when there’s other voice communication that may be important to hear. For the most part I’d say game audio on it’s own is perfectly fine.

I don’t watch many streams but in the past I’ve watched CSGO, and Destiny streams and I enjoy hearing the game audio rather then music. It allows me to get more involved in the game, and when watching higher level play, it also can help me learn what audio queues the ‘pros’ are using. If they hear certain things to their right and react accordingly, etc. Having music overlay that makes it difficult and you start questioning why they reacted in certain scenarios. Again, for that it’s more of a competitive zone and the audio queues on those games are important.

In Heroes of the Storm, sound is extremely important. It is utilized as a first-class sense right along side sight to communicate what is happening and where it is happening.

Here’s a good video about that:

It’s also pretty interesting how they go about actually producing the sounds we here. It’s art:

I’ve never played HOTS, so I was more so just going off the fact that FPS/Third Person shooters rely heavily on situational sounds and environments, where as mobas and RTS games will have ‘alerts’, but you can still hear the alerts and triggers over some quiet music where as trying to figure out the specific location of footsteps or someone jumping in CSGO/Pubg can easily be lost with some quiet music.

I know I said moba, but I didn’t want to specify specifically what Moba (like HOTS) as I can’t speak from personal experience on those.

Much like NVS_1 said I feel certain games its better to have spotify or something playing in the background. I don’t think HOTS is one but certain games such as the online Cards Against Humanity that no audio and certain games like Hearthstone have so little background music that its better to add your own music to enhance the stream. But if your asking specifically for HOTS I don’t think you need to as the audio to notify when objectives are up are rather important.

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I have music playing if the game has annoying music, or just the same thing over and over and over again. I can’t play music with a game like PUBG, I have problems enough without music distracting me lol