Thoughts on single block farm



I just found this farm build. It uses a lighting glitch to unplant the crops quickly. What are your thoughts? Is this viable or should I keep looking.

Look at these cows. They need to eat.


…that’s clever as fuck.

There’s no glitch being used, despite what the video title claims, since the half-block allows access but blocks light; he’s just speed-planting by right-clicking and the dispensers are bonemealing like mad thanks to the redstone clock. Do it if you want to, though I think it’ll cost way more bonemeal than 1:1 ratio (probably closer to 2-3:1 bonemeal for a full-grown crop)

Just make sure you shut the clock off when you’re not using it to avoid lag :wink:


Sounds good to me. I already set it up and it runs really fast. It uses a lot of bone meal and if you don’t get it at the right time you waste it. It’s really fast and simple to set up too. :wink: