Thoughts on streaming 21:9 to a 16:9 frame

So I’m thinking about going back to casually streaming gameplay each night while I game. This is partly for work testing—not trying to be a streamer or anything.

At any rate, I’m interested in fellow strategists’ opinions on streaming 21:9 content in a 16:9 frame. Clearly 16:9 is the aspect ratio that is globally run. It’s also the ratio displayed on most phone viewports now.

Here’s what I’ve come up with for the frame (where on the lower part I would have chat, strats discord info, social links, etc):

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That’s actually a really clever use of the constraints the opposing aspect ratios put on you. I like it; plenty of room for chat, all those social medias that usually end up as overlay fodder on the actual action, and a quality face cam. Definitely maybe going to steal this concept if/when I get back into a regular streaming habit :wink:

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Thanks! What I’m noticing from playing with it in Sketch is that the luminance is very important. Everything in that lower frame needs to be a bit dim so it’s easily parsed as secondary to the game frame.

I will have an example with all the elements soon and I’m going to see about testing it this evening.

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Really? I’m pretty sure a lot of the new flagship phones are 21:9 now. I know the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X are.

edit: although I suppose that doesn’t really cover “most”.

Did some testing the other night (thanks @lyteforce!). Thoughts on the viewability of this:

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