Thrill of the Hunt with Evolve

After spending some time with Evolve this weekend I wanted to gauge the interest of other members to see if anyone else is going to pick up this amazing game. I encourage anyone that has played the Alpha this weekend or in October to share their experiences and help other members understand exactly what Evolve is about.

What is Evolve?
Essentially, it is a 4V1 PVP game that revolves around four players working together as a team to stop one player controlling a colossal monster. Each team consists of one of each class:

  • Assault - Damage dealer. Assault carries heavy hitting weapons and a personal shield to tank damage.
  • Trapper - Used to track down, detect, and trap the monster in a mobile arena.
  • Medic - Usually a healer, the medic will debuff, heal and revive hunters.
  • Support - A wide range of support abilities from shielding party members, debuffing the monster, using drones to scout the monster out and cloaking the group.

At launch there were will 3 different characters per class (Making for 12 characters) that bring unique weapons, skills and abilities to each game.

Each player has a role and you have to work as a team to win, the lone wolf will just get picked off. The monster is not the only threat, the wildlife in each map can hold it’s own and some can lead to an easy death. The amount of team work needed is perfect for Strats group play and if you like Left 4 Dead, you are going to love this. No game is ever the same.

There are also 4 different player controlled monsters at launch. Each monster has a different play style.

  • Goliath - Heavy armor, land walking monster that can use fire, rocks, leaps and charges.
  • Kraken - Flying, ranged monster that uses aerial lighting attacks or floating mines and vortexes to keep hunters away.
  • Wraith - Hard hitting, stealth monster that deceives hunters with decoys while they pick off single targets by stealing them from long distances. Think Rogue.
  • Behemoth - A giant rock monster that has just been revealed. It looks like a rolling fortress. This is a DLC monster, but is free if you pre-order the game.

Game modes
The only game mode in the Alpha is the “hunt” game mode. This involves the monster starting and level one, eating the wildlife to grow larger while the hunters track it down and try to kill it. As it eats, it gains armor and can eventually evolve to stage two and than stage three. Each stage it can increase its abilities how the player sees fit, while gaining higher max hp and armor. Once stage three happens the objective changes to defend the power plant. The monster goes on the offensive to attack and if it succeeds, the game is over.

Other game modes include one involving monster eggs, where the monster has to defend several eggs throughout the map while the hunters try to destroy them. There is also one similar, where the hunters must find injured civilians and escort them back while the monster tries to stop them. There is a defend game mode where the hunters must protect a point from the monster, who has control over smaller minions to assault the point.

Finally there is the Evacuation mode. In short, this is a mini campaign consisting of 5 rounds with random objectives. After each round the outcome of the next is changed with a modifier depending on who won/loses. (There are a total of 800,000 combinations apparently).

So, what do you think about Evolve?


It looks awesome and I’d love to give it a try. Sadly, I did not get an alpha/beta invite. From what I’ve seen it looks like some interesting multiplayer.

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I was really hesitant on this game at first. I just didn’t see how it could stay fresh but after my entire day was eaten up I knew I had played something unique and special. After chasing something for 10 minutes, you really feel accomplished taking them down. At one point I literally stood up in my chair and threw my hands up when it died. The stories I could tell could fill the forum and that was just in one day. If it does gain interest within Strats I’m going to focus on getting good at being the monster.


I’ve been following this game with interest lately though missed the alpha/beta. Saw you were playing the beta this weekend and meant to pm you about it. This game sounds great so glad to hear it actually plays well too! I’m definitely in for this one :smile:

I’m assuming it’s not crossplay pc/xbone/ps4 or did I miss something? I’d most likely play on PS4

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Same here. I think this another good PS4 title.


Unfortunately, it won’t be crossplay… I’ll be picking it up for PS4 too. Playing the game on a controller wasn’t cumbersome at all. Each weapon is mapped to L1, R1, Triangle and Circle. No cycling required.

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Bummer about crossplay but figured. Great that it works well on controller.

Between Evolve, Bloodborne and Witcher 3, it looks like I’m booked February through June at least! :smiley:

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I’ve been pushing this game for months. Sadly, very few took me up on my offers for Big Alpha keys back in October.

I will likely be getting this but I’m uncertain on which platform. After spending the cash on a PS4 and a few games I have found myself using it for relatively little time so far. I may stick to PC on this one.

Thanks @Nubhugs for the awesome write-up! I was also meaning to get a feel for who in the Strats community wanted it. I played the big alpha, but was turned off by the 21GB download thus time around…

As for Evolve, I’m predicting it may be another Titanfall situation: hyped and exciting initially, but runs out of steam fast. I hope this will not happen, as we do need innovation in this generation of consoles. I personally want taken by the initial alpha, but I’m probably wrong about it now.

Oh gosh. I sure hope it isn’t another Titanfall… That’s what I’m very leery about the game, and truth be told it wasn’t on my must buy list. I tried the beta because I was between games and like I’ve said a few times, was extremely blown away by how much fun it was.

I think in terms of longevity, it will come down to if you can play with friends. If you have to play in a bunch of pugs, the game is going to get boring VERY fast. I didn’t have a single person talk to me in the 12 hours I played except one person saying I did terrible (which wasn’t my fault. The monster focused on me only and nobody protected me.) It was also very frustrating to see people try to “Call of Duty” it by themselves only to get killed and cripple the team. But if we play together like GTA, like Dragon Age, the game has so much more life.


Put me down as a strong maybe on this one

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My Steam games have been enjoyable so far, and no one has been using voice chat that I’m aware. One guy spoke up before a match started, but when no one replied he silenced himself. And I don’t see why anyone would have suddenly started chatting when I switched to the monster next round with the same people.

However, people have been making great use of pings. I’ve been successful every round as the hunters. I played three rounds with the same people and my one time as the monster they caught me evolving to stage 2 and I nearly brought the team down. They did a good job of following each other and communicating with pings/markers.

I think the longevity of the game will depend on what you want out of it. If you enjoy playing the monster that is obviously a solo job since you can’t voice chat during matches (I assume PS4 party chat bypasses that but if you’re party chatting with the enemy you’re likely not too concerned about him).

Evolve has multiple game modes so you’re not always chasing the monster. Hopefully that will provide options. And I’m sure Turtle Rock has more monsters and hunters to add to the game.

They do plan on it, and it is somewhat noteworthy I guess.

I think that’s where the Strats community comes in. That is, if we as a whole are on board with the game. I guess what I’m saying is if the need is there, we are there.


Also: I like playing this game with my 360 controller on the PC. Although I guess I should upgrade to a BONE controller soon.

And it sounds great on my Sound Blaster.


I planning on picking this up for PS4. Love the idea of the game

Evolve is beautifully crafted and very demanding with all the fancy graphics. Playing as Goliath is so fun~ I probably won’t buy it though… it’s so MLG-based
I wonder if we’ll be able to play the beta version forever or just temporarily

Beta ends tonight. XBONE players get to keep their progress, however, while PC and PS4 will have their accounts wiped.

Game releases on Feb 10th, I believe.

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Is Xbox trying to sell that like it’s a good thing?

Microsoft paid the money for all the “exclusives” on this game. I’m sure the players think it’s a great idea but won’t realize the problem when they are complaining about being maxed out in the first week.

This weekend has been a true open beta for XB1 while being labeled a closed beta on PC and a technical test on PS4. You had to have participated in the Big Alpha (or own Left 4 Dead on Steam). And same as last test, the XB1 got 4 days of testing while the PC had 3 scheduled days and the PS4 had 2 days.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the PC and PS4 were even supposed to be testing right now. I think this is making up for the problems both platforms had during the Big Alpha.

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Such a true statement. Do you think the PC and PS4 tests were just to check server load? I saw an email they sent out that tried to get people all to log in at a certain time to stress the server (Destiny did it the best though by offering a prize to get people on, and new content).

On a side note, I’m really irritated how the media is handling Evolve. I’m not going to defend them and their DLC plans, but it’s nice to know that there is the option of future hunters and monsters if I want them. The skins are whatever, I don’t care. It’s starting to feel like everyone is ganging up on a game they really haven’t much of a chance on.

Are you not MLG @Daddy? :stuck_out_tongue: