Thrustmaster Hotas X Flight Stick for $39.81



Price is the lowest I’ve seen and it’s a good cheap intoductory HOTAS stick. I returned mine after figuring out I’d play flight sims more if I had more time.


Are people using these for Star Citizen?


It’s considered below-introductory for Star Citizen as far as I know. The Hotas X was actually designed for the PS3 and just happens to also work for the PC.

Looking at the image of it separated, it is still connected by a cord. You can’t fully separate it to position it as you would like. And I believe it is all plastic and lightweight.

The introductory HOTAS for Star Citizen is the Saitek X52.

Or you could consider the Saitek X52 Pro, which is currently on sale for about the same price as the base model.

Edit - I chose to play with keyboard + joystick.


Last I knew (about 4-6 months ago), keyboard + mouse we’re being deemed better than than the flight controllers. Is that still true or have they finally gotten the controls nailed down better?


It’s likely been a year since I’ve played so I’m unsure about that. I chose to use the joystick because of all the options (joystick, gamepad, HOTAS) I’m most accustomed to it from playing X-Wing and Descent 20+ years ago.

Also it’s probably the cheapest option.


Yea, it’s basically for immersion and to learn how to fly with a hotas. I got pretty good taking out other players in the game and not dying as much but someone recommended to me that if I liked it so much to upgrade to a t16000m it has a more accurate control magnetic mechanism as opposed to the hotas x flight stick’s spring mechanism. I have a Logitech G16 (or G16 I forget) for the replacement of a throttle.
Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick
This is around 40 to 50 and that Saitek x55 is fucking 150… So yea if you’re still a cheapo the t16000m can’t be beat bit if you become an enthusiast then the x55 and other expensive ones would be more in the alley


I flew x flight hotas for a good while so unless you were talking to snobs then meh. I was able to map every major deal to the x flight even shield power positioning. It’s not very good but it’s still nice as an introduction. And not everyone here, like myself, could afford the $100+ range of flight sticks but I’ll admit upgrading from. The x flight to a t16000m is a better decision overall due to the better feel, less resistance and accuracy.


I have this HOTAS for Elite Dangerous. Works great for me since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I may not like. Also the wire in the middle is much longer than the picture shows. I can easily fit my keyboard in between the stick and the thrust. I would estimate it to be a little over 2 ft at the max distance apart. It is made of all plastic but for an intro to HOTAS and for those on the fence it is a good deal. I will be getting a better setup after I get some new parts for my PC, priorities you know?


Meh all you want. I’m glad it worked out for you. When I originally bought into Star Citizen I researched the Hotas X and this is the information I found as well as what I was told from other users/players. It doesn’t change the fact that the Hotas X was designed for the PS3 console. Owning a “real” HOTAS seems to be a luxury item for people who really enjoy playing flight sims. If you want a hardcore Thrustmaster setup then check out this.

I use a $20 Logitech stick from Best Buy.

I have seen a Youtube video of a player that uses two t16000m in Elite Dangerous to create a homemade HOTAS. I’m not sure if a similar setup will work with Star Citizen.


Yea the dual t16000m works in starcitizen. Saw the guy set a modify button so that one controlled the gimbaled canon/turret. Since I returned my hotas x I plan on the t16000m since I plan on playing starcitizen and elite dangerous (now that I got my new gpu). We can agree that the Saitek hotas is amazing at its price but it’s still to high for people who only have a couple of flight games. I’d jump for it if I had the money but for now it’s the t16000m for me with the hotas x being behind it.

Which $20 joystick do you use? The Logitech one or the R. A. T. one?