Time for a new mouse


I currently own a Steel series WoW mouse, I have owned it for many many years and still love it. The paint has totally come off the plastic body and I cant seem to get the software to work with windows 10 sadly. so this got me thinking and I decided its time for a new mouse.
I am interested in 1 with several extra buttons pref on top, NOT THE RAZOR NAGA (omg no), was thinking wireless this time but not a deal breaker


Corsair M95. I have it’s little brother (M65) and have never used a mouse I’ve liked even close to as much (at least for gaming).



wow that looks great, even my big fat thumb could use those buttons np

thank you

TBH when I saw you posted an image here I half expected it to be of an actual mouse :wink:


Kicks self for not thinking of this earlier


going to leave this till monday and compare ideas but it looks like I am going to get the M95, it seems perfect for what I want. shame it isnt wireless, but that isn’t deal breaker. Price is good also


I have the Steelseries Sensei Wireless mouse and it’s been great for me.


this is my baby


It very well may be a great mouse… But it is ugly beyond what I thought was possible…


I’m actually in the market for one as well. I’m looking at a couple of optical mice from Logitech:

G502 I actually got to use one of these for about a week and really enjoyed it, it’s very customizable and feels good in your hard., the cord is a bit stiff since it’s braided though, but it does mean it will be tougher to damage the cord.

G402 This one has a great sensor, and is pretty customizable as well.

I’ve been loving a lot of Logitech’s products over the last few years. Here is a nice review of the two. Both are pretty solid mice.


Oh god… Not you too…

Get the Corsair M65… It’s essentially the same thing as the G502, except higher quality and almost $30 less.


Silly @PreshusKitty, thats a naga. Sadly my fat thumb cant use that 1


What about the fewer-button version?


Eh. I admit they used to putout some really crap products, however over the last several years they have really stepped their game up. I honestly used to joke that a lot of Logitech products were garbage, because honestly used to be, but after experiencing a lot of their new products over these last few years I can geniely say they’ve changed their products to something far better. I think I’ll also take a look at the corsair mice as well, I know they’ve been putting out a lot of quality products as well. I’ll see if I can’t find a review comparing the Logitech mouse and the corsair mouse.


I know - that’s why all I said was "this is my baby"
because I saw you hating on the naga xD



I just picked this one up, and like it very much. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g402-hyperion-fury-fps-gaming-mouse


I am a bit of a ROCCAT fanboy because of their linux drivers and how they integrate their easy shift functions so that a button on the mouse or keyboard opens up all these other functions…really means I never want for keybinds!


My naga broke after three months. Still haven’t sent it back. Oops. D:


Oooo I found a refurbished ROCCAT Kone XTD for 50% off on amazon! Only one left (I ordered one because the price was too good to pass!)