Time for an Upgrade



Ok guys, so I’ve already started, but nothing important just yet. I’m looking at the i7-7700k and the Radeon RX 580. Do y’all think I’ll run into trouble with this combo? I just really want the Intel processor but don’t want to pay out for the Nvidia.

This is a PC Part Picker list of the parts I’ve already ordered and plan to order. The MB, GC, & RAM will be purchased June 1st so I’d like to lock down what I want well before then.


As always, thanks y’all


Are you dead set on the monitor? Because you can go a bit cheaper and grab a 27 inch ASUS VG248QE. It’s one of the best 1080p 144hz monitors out right now and measures up to what you listed, except for not being curved. Worth a look.

The RX 580 looks like just an updated 480. They turned up the core clock and called it a 580. Nothing new from AMD tbh, but the GTX 1060 traded blows a lot with the RX 480. For a little pricier, some of the GTX 1070 cards are pretty decent.

The case looks pretty awesome, but are you looking for specifically a wall mounted open frame-type case? If that isn’t a deal breaker, the NZXT S340 Elite cases are pretty nice, with excellent cable management and a tempered glass frame to boot. Would be about 50 bucks cheaper.

Besides those, it looks pretty good. I have the same CPU, MOBO and RAM and frankly, they’re awesome. The MOBO RGB lighting does stay on all the time (as long as the PC is plugged in/switched on in the back(even when shut off)), but it’s not super bright to be distracting from other activities.


@Derangedtaco, Dawg, thank you for such a quick reply.

So, like I mentioned above, some of the parts are already purchased. I already own the monitor, case, a cooler, and the green cables. And, I’m now convinced to go with the MB and processor. The reason I wanted to see if the Radeon card would work with the processor is because of the already purchased monitor - it has that AMD sync thingy (kinda like Nvidia’s monitor refresh thingy).


Ahhh, it looks like it doesn’t have G-Sync, only FreeSync. In that case, yeah, go with an AMD card.



By all means, if you like it go for it… But having a curved monitor doesn’t really make a difference at 16:9, it’s just curved for the sake of being curved. Personally, I wouldn’t pay ANY extra for it unless it was a 21:9 monitor. That’s just my opinion though.


I find this a particularly interesting sentiment, as Nvidia and AMD have been almost identical in terms of performance at any given price point, where right now AMD is a much better deal than Intel in the CPU department.

If all you care about is absolute maximum framerates in games, then yes you want to go Intel… But CPUs don’t have as much impact on gaming as people think… And if you go with something like the Ryzen 5 1600X, you’ll save $90 on the CPU, get almost the same gaming performance, and have a 6c12t CPU rather than a 4c8t one.


ASUS is always a good choice. I’d stick with the STRIX if you don’t plan on overclocking. But if you do plan on overclocking, I’d spend the bit extra to get the Maximus IX Hero, as it’s built with better components (The STRIX is just the ASUS Z270-A with more gamer aesthetics).


On the Intel platform, RAM is RAM is RAM. Go with whichever one you think looks the coolest, and is the best price.

Graphics Card

Nvidia and AMD are pretty damn close in price/performance, so it really doesn’t matter which route you go.
The ONLY warning I give about ASUS GPUs (which almost never applies) is that, if you ever plan on water cooling your GPU, removing the heatsink will instantly void the warranty. If you don’t plan on that, ASUS is great.


That case looks great! Only word of caution is that you better be ready to do some STELLAR cable management.

People often think their computer is going to look like this…

When in reality it ends up looking like this, because they don’t spend the time to cable manage…

But put in the work on the cable management and it will look great.


Ahh. I guess I should NOT be a tool, and actually read the whole thing…


I love the RGB RAM and open case.