Time to choose a class



So, good people of strats!
I will soon be diving into Black Desert Online and I face a difficult choice.

Wizard or Warrior?

What’ll it be?
Voice your votes below please.




@Wayward let me know what you think of BDO. I’d like to try it myself.


Because I don’t want to play it

I like both, but I haven’t seen much ranged gameplay in this game. Either you’re standing in the middle of a bunch of mobs and AoEing them to death, or you’re just kiting them (according to videos I’ve watched).

Also, I fully intend to make both a Wizard and a Warrior because I like the look/concept of both of them, just trying to determine which one I will do first.


I’m only going to be doing 1 at a time. I never asked for any feedback or opinions. Just votes.
This is my flipping of the coin.


Understood. My feedback and opinions have been removed.


Why not make it a poll if you don’t want feedback?


I am not opposed to feedback. Ninjaneer just seemed confused by my post so I was explaining I just wanted people to vote, not necessarily tell me why.

Also, last I knew, polls were broken.




Bro always play a wizard. Chicks dig old guys with big staves.
I been looking at it as well and Jen likes the idea of a good MMO.


Why would you use a different service when you can just make polls on the forums?

Also, wizard. No contest.


he said they were broken, I didn’t care to check.


I thought it wasn’t working?


Personally have a wizard. Great fun lots of aoe and sustain. dunno much about Warrior.

I vote Wizard

Also for anyone wondering, you can google BDO “class name” awakening to see what other type of weapon each class gets at level 50ish. Wizards awakening hasn’t been developed yet but warrior gets a large two handed sword (think Two handed great sword from dark souls)

Edit: Awakening weapons not yet in NA / EU version


They were fixed back in November :wink:


I like how this post keeps changing


It’s really tough to be a snarky ass, post links, and do a .gif reply on mobile :wink:


Cool story


Wizard if you want a caster or range, warrior if you want some good defense and hack and slash… Tbh though I’d try them both out. The more alts you have in the game the better off you’ll be in the long run. I didn’t like warrior at first but that changed quite quickly.Starting out though wizard might be good for you, the basics of wizard is easy and do a lot of damage but once you master the class they get even better.


I vote for Introduction to Accounting. Best class I ever took.