Tipps for video creation?



Hey folks I’m here to ask about some advice regarding creating for a small promo video for a minecraft server.

So what I want to do is just a small clip between 1-3 min with some custom made logos, text and some backgroud music that can be uploaded to Youtube and the like. So nothing too fancy, but I really have no idea about what kind of programms to use and so on.

So if anyone has any tipps I would be really gratefull, I goggled a lot on the internet but tbh I just got confused the more I read :sweat:

Thanks in advance :smile:


I can’t give you too many tips but one thing I’d say is if you’re wanting to add a video clip of the spawn or builds or anything like that try using the Minecraft Replay Mod. It’s a great mod you can download it here https://www.replaymod.com/ and you can find a demonstration of the mod here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZfONRS76J0

I’ve recently started using it and playing with it and I really like it. It takes some time getting use to and learning but if you’re going to do any promo videos and show off anything I really recommend using it.


Thank you, that mod is exeactlay what I was looking for, easy to use and with a lot of helpfull options :smile:

Now I only need a programm to edit the clips and make them into a trailer :smiley:


It isn’t the best, but Windows Movie Maker is free (depending on what version of Windows you run) :wink: