Tips and Tricks in Farm Sim 15



@JRWarlord I would like to hear your farming tips

My name is JR Warlord

OMG @Biff_Tannen he is such a huge source of info it’s awesome. He taught me a few tricks last night and it made me a lot of money. :smile:


what do you want to know… I play on several maps and make millions easily… mostly selling silage cause it is so easy to get running… mower, forage wagon, ursus tractor and boom nothing but cash. So if I can help feel free to ask…


OK…can you give me some tips @JRWarlord? I have a mower and a forage wagon but how do i go about making silage? what do i put into the wagon? where do i dump it? cant you make silage by wrapping bales of straw? i am so new i have no knowledge of silage but i would like to learn…thanks in advance!

P.S. i got the States map working so thats what im playing. That map is crazy, it gives you so many pieces of equipment i dont know where to put them all or exactly what some of them do…lol


Sweet we have our own topic now and can chat about anything we want :smile:
So yeah im digging the States map but am totally confused as to what each barn/silo/filling station/dumping station that is in our farm does. There is so many things it gets me all clusterfucked. There are some items that you can grow that have no sell price anywhere. I think this map would be awesome for multi player but we would all have to have the same mods installed. @Biff_Tannen i can point you in the right direction to download The States map, it comes with the map and a few mods that are really easy to install. We totally need to be playing it this weekend :smile:


First I’d like to know what mods to use


Ok first thing you do is throw the mower on the front of a tractor and the forage wagon hooks to the back… turn them on and fill the wagon with grass clippings. When it is full go to the biogas plant and in the area between the bunkers dump the grass. Then run over the grass till you see it is compacted to 100%. Then dump more and continue till you have it filled to 10% or more. I usually fill it to over 100k and then you hit “r” to cover it so it ferments. Then you just take a front loader of some kind and dump it into the bins near the big storage tank (you will see them if your in the plant area) once it has finished (it will be dark green and uncovered). Then you get a bigger front loader as you have the money and repeat.


any that you want too…

I use lots and it depends on what I am doing and what map I am using…

here are some of my favorites:

The GPS mod
Auto Combine 3.2 mod
Inspector mod
The cat pack v1.4 mod
New Holland T8 pack mod
Claas lexion 780 mod
any mod that allows me to choose the color of the equipment

I get most of my mods from
because they have never caused issues when downloading them.


So I have install and I am playing the States V5 map, and you are right if that is the map you are playing there is a lot of equipment. The other thing I find challenging is that it has the soil mod in it. Now if you like playing a map that is very realistic and challenging great, if not I would possibly think of doing a different map. I myself find the map well done and I am enjoying it. I have however changed some of the equipment to my modded stuff. I do not like the stock harvesters so I changed those out to the ones I have that are higher capacity. I do not like spending days to plant a field so I am using a bigger sowing machine (I like the 18m horsch since it cultivates at the same time and plants any crop).

If you want to use the mods I use specifically please shoot a note to me with the piece of equipment you want to update and I will reply with a link for that item. I however suggest you look around on youtube and the mod sites as you will probably find interesting things that fit your game play better if you find them and play a game to see if they work for you. I have found a lot of mods that I no longer use as they either did not do what I expected or did things that just seemed wrong to me. There may not have been anything wrong they just did not fit what I thought they would be.

See you all next time… Oh and thanks to everyone for the great welcomes and I am glad to be here.

JR Warlord


I cant get the soil mod to work…hasnt worked since i installed it. ive got all the files that came with the original .zip in the mods folder so im not sure what im doing wrong. I wish they wouldnt put that mod in…i love that map and all the equipment they give you to start. If i can find a map that has the equivilant amount of equipment i will nab it. Is there any way to disable or remove the soil add on from the map?


ok so find the soilmanagement mod in you mods folder and remove it… that turns it off and does not effect the game other than making it think the fields are fertilized for the next crop you plant… (it took 1 or 2 crops per field before it would let me hire a worker to fertilize)… The only other trouble I have had was that it will not let me hire a worker to seed until I harvested the field. So I have to drive the tractor the first time running the sowing machine on each field… I have the GPS mod and do not care if I hire workers… as long as I can hire them to drive the 5 combines I use and can use the auto combine mod I am happy…


Well just one day after starting states v5 they come out with a v6… ok so I am now using v6… they fixed some stuff (which I think they should have left some stuff alone). I will continue playing v6 but I think v5 starts you out in better shape, just my opinion though. The fixed triggers and map correction for the spot to the north side crashing the map are good but when they planted all the fields and removed some of the animals they give you on v5 I think was a mistake. They planted beats and potatoes on field 2 and 3 and did not add the equipment to harvest them. You still do not own any additional fields, they just planted them (which means you cannot harvest them till they are purchased). Oh well it is still a good map so I will deal with it… I made enough money to buy fields 2 and 3 and I now have the harvesters needed to handle the crops so I am good now.


I will download it and check it out. Its too bad they messed some stuff up…i really enjoy that map. Does it still have the soil mod?


I cant find the v6 anywhere…i even did a google search. any help @JRWarlord?


Still havent found States v6 but did find an awesome map called ringwoods v1.8 it just came out and comes with all the cool stuff for forestry and farming. Alot of equipment and 3 distinct farms, 1 grains,fruits etc, 1 for forestry and 1 for cows/pigs/sheep/chickens. Its very well laid out but please read the text file in the zip as it has some good information for other mods needed in this map and where to find them, dont worry there are only a few as most are built in already.


The States v6 is only available on American eagle mod site.

You have to be a member to download stuff but it is free to join.


Thanks @JRWarlord i couldnt find it anywhere…makes me wonder where i got v5 from…lol

Have you had the chance to look at that map pack i posted? Ringwoods v1.8 its awesome…you should check it out.


Ringwoods is a good map, though it seems to be similar to westbridge with a few tweeks. I have reverted to playing the PV15 map again as it is immense and I never run out of things to do on it.

Have you given up on streaming? I have not seen you in twitch for some time and was kind of wondering.



No haven’t given up streaming just been kinda busy with real life stuff. I’ll be back on this week.


@JRWarlord i too am playing the PV15, started today,and it is complete insanity. the place is so huge i still am finding my way around. We really need to play some multi-player on this map, i think that would be awesome. I am having a hard time trying to make my own fertilizer though…you need liquid,solid and silage and i never played with the liquid or solid so am not sure as to where to get it…i know animals produce it but dont know how to gather it for transport to the fertilizer place.