Tips for having a smooth 24+ hour stream?


I’m thinking about doing a 24+ hour stream for the release of Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. Do you veteran streamers have any tips regarding running a smooth stream?


I’m not sure I’d call myself a “veteran streamer” (these days I leave the streaming to our awesome Team Strats streamers and just try to support them as best I can) but I did to a 24-hour stream last year for Extra Life.

Here are some tips I learned from that experience:

  • Hydrate!

  • You will want to sleep. You’re going to end up hating it and want to quit. Prepare for that.

  • Make a “be right back” slide for your stream and take breaks. If you can, use a count down so that your viewers know when you’ll be back. Take many short breaks (like every hour) rather than fewer really long breaks.

  • Be in Mumble. It helps a lot with filling air time. By the end of my stream last year my voice was destroyed but having everyone chatting in Mumble helped quite a lot. We will have a lot of people in there this year, or we might use Discord instead. Extra voices talking gaming means less talking for you over a 24-hour period.

  • Figure out your schedule before hand. I see a lot of people doing 24-hour streams where 50% or more of their time is spent looking at their game library deciding what to play. That makes for a shit stream. People would rather watch you play anything than nothing.

That’s all I got for now. I think @DrizztDo_Urden69 has done these marathons a few times and probably has some good advice.


I’ve got a couple 24-hours under my belt, and while I haven’t been streaming much lately, these are some considerations from prior experience:

  • Eat, hydrate, and sleep well the day before; it is impossible to catch up on sleep, but you can (sort of) store sleep. This will help with the inevitable exhaustion.

  • Avoid all forms of artificial energy whatnot (Red Bull/caffeine/B-vitamins) for as long as you can; they only get less effective over time, so wait until you’re a good way into it before leaning on them. Start with a B vitamin (5-hour energy or just a B complex pill) and work into caffeine/sugar later into the stream.

  • Plan light meals/snacks; heavy meals will only make you groggy.

  • Have people to play/talk with; aside from what @Vocino mentioned about filling your time, it helps keep your brain engaged.

  • Have some kind of activity to break the monotony of a single game for 24 hours. This could be mini-games with your chat, a one-off match of something quick and easy like Rocket League, literally anything other than the 1 game you’re planning to play for 24 hours. You may never need it, but if you feel the lack of give-a-damn coming on or the rage is getting real, taking a short break to do something else will keep you from passing out, rage-quitting your marathon, or being a Grumpy McGrumpypants.

  • Take regular breaks (~5-7 minutes before the hour for 5-7 minutes) to get up/stretch/snack/bio/wake-up/etc. If you plan for regular breaks, the home stretch won’t be as bad because you’ll have small milestones to look forward to when you need motivation the most. It also gives your eyes a chance to relax; the last thing you want is a tension headache or eye-strain/vision-center headache from trying to be too badass.


So for me it’s a little bit easier as I work 12 hour shifts so a longer stream wasn’t too horrible, but honestly the biggest thing that helped me was have a few of my buddies come by and play games with me for a while, that perked me up and helped me keep going.


Oh jeeze, I’ve done three 24 hour streams in the past. It’s extremely hard for me, as I get tired very quickly.
What I did was made sure I had someone to speak to over Skype, got up and walked around a bit every few hours or so, and drank tons of water.
I avoided caffiene, as I didn’t want to crash towards the end of the stream.
What I’ve learned is that even if you may be extremely tired at 17 hours, at about 20 I felt wide awake. The wide awake like, “oh my gosh my head is loopy as heck”.

It was a pretty fun experience, you honestly just have to find what works best for you.


I’ve never done a 24 hour stream but I’ve done a few 12 and a 16 hour one no problem. Everyone has basically said everything but I’ll list my opinions anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

First I’d like to say the obvious… get as much sleep as you can.

Next I’d say make sure you eat if it’s a bag of chips or something anything will do. If you go long periods without eating you’re energy will go low and you will feel really tired.

Also everyone handles energy drinks different if it doesn’t make you crash and you can handle them get a few and drink them only when needed.

Make sure you have a game layout. If you’re streaming one game or a few games make sure you have backups just in case something comes up.

Joining mumble is smart makes it easier for you in the long run. You don’t have to talk as much and your viewers will stay if there is something interesting going on and someone is talking.

If you have friends tell them to stop by having someone there to talk to in chat or through somewhere like mumble keeps you going.

And thats basically everything.