Tired of Overwatch?



Is everyone tired of Overwatch already.
I had a lot of fun playing with full groups of strats people every night. Now I only see 1 or 2 people on now and then.

Anyone still playing regularly?


I usually play matches daily for at least an hour.


Could always ask in discord:

Also, you know the rule, 3 and done! #authwink


Me and esuta are playing nightly, hes been joining me and my RL friends that still play since its been kinda vacant. usually 10est-midnight. Sometimes we have an open spot, can holla at one of us when were on, be happy to nab you for a few matches when we got room.


I’ve just had very little time the last couple weeks to play many games in general. I plan to dive back in next week a bit, but I have Albion to help get off the ground before the semester starts as well. In all likelihood I won’t be back with any regularity until towards the end of August. That said, hopefully they sort the competitive shenanigans and I can make a push next season (I’ve mostly written this one off thanks to my schedule) :wink:


I have not been playing much recently. Been busy and playing Pokemon Go. I’m playing tonight I want to check out Ana!


I want to be, but work has me worn out by the time I get home and even then, wife has a honey do list for me every night it seems.

This makes me sad.


I’ve been really busy as well recently. Been playing a few games here and there and still plan on playing overwatch but I’ve only had an hour or two a day to play any vidya games.


I actually got some action in yesterday afternoon - granted I was running solo. You know how awesome it is when your team runs with four Ana’s and a Hanzo?


lol thast kinda funny. Havnt seen a group composition of that just yet. The other day we decided to take a comp break and do some quickplay. ended up playing 5 divas and a lucio. Fun match, but we still wiped em. After that we said lets play there game and run the same comp setup. We did so, and when we met them on the field they ended up being 5 Meis. Was a damn hilarious match 5 Dvas vs 5 Meis. We wiped em, but it was pretty fun lol.


As soon as I see 3 Ana’s appear on the list I leave the game.


I’m a glutton for punishment - have yet to leave a match, preparation or otherwise, until the end.


I have no problem bailing out when I see unfavorable preparations taking place.


I honestly have never left a game either. But odds are better when your gaming with buds against something stupid like that.


I haven’t played in weeks. I need to come back soon. Working on 100%'ing Doom at the moment though.


Neverrrrrr! I play every Saturday on the PS4 now. It’s a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Been meeting a lot of awesome streamers/people lately who share in my OW fangirling, haha.


I really started to lay off of the Overwatch. A lot of people I play with get really salty, and I feel bad because I know I suck.

I will probably start playing again once I get with less toxic people who will help me get better and not make me feel bad.


From League of Legends experience, it totally gets worse as more people pick the game up :sadgumball:

Maybe the punishment system in place that hurts other games owned by blizzard will help this though. Supposedly if you get reported in Overwatch you get things like no chat usage in WoW and other products.


I play overwatch a lot. Well at least until I rage quit because I suck on PC & my controller is usually racist. It tends to stop firing in mid team fight. If you’re still playing feel free to add me: boobsw#1501.


Speaking of tired of Overwatch - new (and time-limited) mode & time-limited loot!