'Tis the Season for Stealing *UPDATE LIVE*

A warm fireplace, presents and crime!

What better time than Christmas to go to Los Santos and make some dough and enjoy some snow?

Edit 12/18: The PS4 Christmas update is OUT NOW. Included in the update found so far:

  1. Festive Clothes, Sweaters, Pajamas, Scarves and hats!
  3. New Weapons: Homing Rocket Launcher and Proximity Mines
  4. Festive Apartments
  5. New Masks
  6. New Cars can be bought through your cellphone
  7. New Tattoos
  8. Tighter first person controls
  9. Turbo in cars has been fixed

Edit: So it sounds like we jumped the gun and Rockstar decided to squash the rumor of Heists. They gave us a very early 2015 time frame to expect them though. While they may not be coming quite yet the Christmas update will. I’m going to include what is in the Christmas update and when we get closer to the Heist update I’ll make a new thread for it. So let’s talk about a very Gangster Christmas

Winter is coming… to Los Santos
Like last year, Rockstar will be rolling out a brand new environment for a short amount of time, Snow! The fluffy stuff will be falling all over the map coating and making the roads icy. Be sure to break out the ice melt because the roads will give you trouble. :wink: Last year there were new masks, clothes, in game discounts, and decorations so we can expect them to make a return. Be sure to log in and grab yourself some festive gear while you can!

This is going to be the first next gen update for GTA V online, with more support throughout 2015. The snow will only last for a few days, last year it was literally one or two. So guys, when the snow comes take some pictures and share them with everyone here! Show off your Christmas spirit!

Let’s get together and play in this winter wonderland!

And be sure to stay away from the yellow snow


I haven’t had the opportunity to play my PS4 a lot since GTAV & Dragon Age came out. My character is still a scrub. I need to spend some time working on them sk1llz.

sk1llz pay the b1llz and when we are robbin’ banks, you’ll need and get a lot of both. Scrubs welcomed though, especially your kind of scrub. Nobody else I’d rather have my back once we get caught and locked up.

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Every heist needs a Red Shirt.


Well it looks like IGN sat down with the GTA Online producer. I’m going to have to edit this post because Heists will not be ready until early 2015!

That being said these are going to be way more involved than people think.


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The Christmas update is here! Get your holiday on!