Titan Vanguard armors

I slacked off a lot for the first three months of Destiny. I never got a full suit of purple armor. I barely reached level 26. I never completed the raid.

Tonight I was looking over the new versions of the Titan Vanguard armors for purchase. I see there are the Holdfast and the Molniya (Russian for “lightning”) sets. Holdfast is INT/STR and Molniya is DIS/STR.

I generally like to keep matching sets in games. It makes me feel whole and complete. Warm and fuzzy. After looking at the names, I would think that Holdfast would be tanky and resilient. Up-close. Molniya, or lightning, makes me think blowing things up. High damage.

Yet it’s the Holdfast set that has reload speed and increased ammo for sniper and scout rifles. Molniya has the bonuses for auto rifles and shotgun.

Does this seem backwards to anyone else, or is it just me? Am I the only one bothered by names?

Should I just deal with it or riot outside Bungie?

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For most Defender builds that I’ve put together, I prefer INT/STR. You want your bubble up as much as possible and you want to build as many orbs for your team as you can in the process. Most Defender skills that do that benefit from INT/STR stacking.

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It’s not so much the stats that I’m bothered with as the bonuses on the armor pieces. I agree that I want super recharge (INT) over grenade.

It’s the choices of sniper & scout rifles over auto & shotgun. These seem backwards to me. If I’m trying to take a hit for the team and place the bubble, I don’t think I want to scope my sniper for that guy 5 feet in front of me.

Maybe the intent is to start from a distance with a few shots from sniper/scout and then get in the mix with fists flying? Now that I might could swing (see what I did there). Whereas the Molniya set uses grenades to initiate, maybe Fist of Havoc, and auto/shotgun to clean up. If this is the case, this would change the way I play the class since I have always gone full CQC.

I see what your saying. I Audi think they don’t want one armor to rule them all, unless it’s RNG. The bought armors are just stepping stones.

I will never give my gaming life over to RNG. I will proudly wear my vendor armor and pwn the face.

I think I will check out the Warlock sets and see how they look.

You got to get in CE raid to get max level. All raid gear is RNG.

I’m not all that interested in getting max level, just high enough to participate in the raids. Like I said above, I never even finished the first raid so raiding isn’t the first priority for me.

And I just realized that these new vendor armors have higher values on them than the previous sets. Guess I need to start playing Destiny again!

Yeah enough to get you to thirty one.

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PSA: I’m pretty bad at Destiny.

Or maybe I’m just bad at Titan.

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Before I played the game I thought Warlock would be good for me. Maybe I need to try it again.

I just tried a Control match and didn’t even get 1k points on Titan. 0.13 k/d. I need a skill boost.