Titanfall 2 Strats Co network has been created!



The Network has been created! To join go follow these steps

  1. Launch Multiplayer
  2. Go to COMMS and choose Network
  3. Then hover over Networks and choose Browse
  4. The Network name is “Strats.Co” and the Clan tag is STCO

If you have any trouble I can add pictures if necessary

Networks aren’t too big of deal community wise but they can possibly get more clicks to the site if they see our tag kicking ass!

I’d like to make a stratsco network and basically there’s not much community wise to be done other than being able to immediately see anyone in the network playing at that moment.

Aside from that you can designate a “happy hour” which gives people who play during then 5 merits once a day. 5 merits it’s big since you usually only get 2-4 merits or possibly 4-6 merits if you change weapons often and kick ass each game.

Let me know what you think

Also RIP the past 9 days


I think you should do it.


Thanks… Official bartender of strats haha.
I’ll just plug @Auth to see if it’s ok,



Probably won’t get to titan fall 2 until December but what do i have to do to join? Also I’m on ps4


In the multiplayer section there’s a community option and in that there is a “network” option. Choose network and search for the name or clan tag. I don’t think it’s cross platform though so pc Xbox and ps4 will all have different networks. At least I think. I need to take a screen shot of this one. This network is on the PC version btw.


I’ve been considering Titanfall for the past few days. I wonder if I hold out a little longer there will be a sale. I think Walmart was just selling physical copies for $30.


Apparently they will be - check out the post @Ausylon is putting together for the Black Friday sales to replace the one that melted earlier. (here it be)


Its definitely worth it man! I’m having lots of fun with the multiplayer and the single player was really good. I hope the community stays strong and that the game just goes up from here. Only problem I see is that some of the game modes are just empty. As in you won’t find anyone to play a match with. It’s sad.


Had that same issue on PS4 during the launch week. Wonder how big the active population is? Would be a shame if it’s small - this is a solid title compared to the first go-round.


I still have this game under consideration. Was hoping to find a sale but it looks like only the console versions are cheap.


Well I just checked the Origin store and the game is 40 bucks today. It was full price yesterday.


Maybe wait till black friday/cyber Monday? But hell I’d pay $40 for it too though lol


Someone tells me you can use the code TITAN20 and reduce the cost to $32. Have not confirmed this myself yet.

Edit - Confirmed the code works. I just bought the game for $32.


ON ORIGIN!? That’s awesome!


There’s anywhere between 600 and 4000 people playing at any given moment but around 2am it gets scarce. I hope sales will get more people to buy.


Finally started playing this game today after completing the BF1 campaign yesterday. Only been playing the single-player but so far I’m enjoying this game. I think it might replace CoD as my arcade shooter.

I will stress again that Origin is currently having a sale on this game. The sale price is $40 and you can use the code TITAN20 for another $8 off.

That’s a really good deal on a game that’s not even a month old.


It’s definitely going to be my arcade shooter. If I get too pissed at BF1 then I’ll play Titanfall2 lol.

Hm idk if arcade shooter is appropriate for the genre actually. Not sure what to call them but titanfall 2 is definitely the better of whatever subgenre it’s in. I was able to get a triple kill but sliding in a room and using boxes and walls for wall runs. No crazy erratic movements left and right. Just highly precise wall running. “Wut.” Is what one of them said. Lmao