Titanfall 2 Teaser



PS4!!! XB1 and PC

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This looks amazing!

I’m hype that we get a PS4 release too cause I missed the first Titanfall on the XB1.


Looks interesting. Not sure though, the first Titanfall just didn’t hit the sweet spot for me.


I got titanfall for free with my xb1, I thought it was cool for like a week. The gameplay was good but it just never got it’s hooks in me. Too few guns and the fact that there was AI running around…I couldn’t get used to that. If i’m playing an online multiplayer FPS i shouldn’t ever get killed from another human while I’m trying to shoot at some AI. And I certainly shouldn’t get my health taken down by some AI while another human is shooting at me. That was my main beef with TF1. I really hope they don’t do this for TF2.

Ditto. See above. lol


Black Ops, Destiny or Siege didn’t really hit the sweet spot for me so I’m looking forward to trying out this shooter. My bf was telling me the same thing about the multiplayer that it can get a bit repetitive. But he said there were aspects about the game that he liked so I’m curious to try it out.


My TF experience was limited to a beta of the PC version. I enjoyed what little I played, but just assumed the beta was a taste - never realized that the beta was pretty darn close to the full thing.

I might give TF2 a look on the PS4 though. Key word… might.