Titanfall 2 Tech Test Weekend Two - Patch Notes



With the second pre-alpha tech test for Titanfall 2 live this weekend, Respawn has implemented a few changes to help further define the gameplay experience (and offering an exclusive banner if you log on during a certain point):

The tl;dr version if reading is not for you:

Time to Kill

  • Amped Weapons Boost now unlocks at 80% of the earn meter instead of 50%.
  • Charge Rifles now have damage falloff at cross map distances.
  • Slightly increased cloak visibility for other Pilots.
  • Increased max wall-running speed.
  • Increased base wall-running speed and air speed.
  • Increased acceleration while jumping off walls.
  • Titans dashes recharge 2 seconds faster.
    Titan Timer
  • Pilots now earn a small amount of Titan meter every 5 seconds.
    Bounty Hunt
  • Score Limit lowered to 5000 from 6000 to increase the amount of games won by score instead of time.
  • Banking phases now last 45 seconds instead of a minute.
    Technical Fixes
  • Fixed some issues with the outer deadzone on PlayStation controllers.

Play between the hours of 9-10am PT/5-6pm GMT or 4-5pm PT Saturday/12-1am GMT Sunday and you’ll get this exclusive callsign when Titanfall 2 releases on October 28.

What hasn’t been fixed is the invite friends option, though @xploz1on & I know of a fix if any Strategists are thinking of firing the test up this weekend - just set your server to the same one on the main screen and you should be fine!

See you in the battlefield?



I’m kinda bummed I’ll be away all weekend. Really wanted to give this another go


Shame on them for not fixing something like this.

Dont forget that if you are in a party and the match ends, you all must return to lobby and then reinvite everyone to the party.


Anyone playing tonight?


They did say their desire to push the patch out was the reason they couldn’t get this sorted - I’m going to guess they scratched the surface and didn’t feel they had the time to fix it.


Maybe. My wife hasn’t yet said I can.



Did they have something like this last weekend? I played for a very short time before the test ended.


I don’t recall seeing this last weekend.


I was not overly impressed with this game…


Did you give TF1 a spin at all? And was it anything specific about TF2 that didn’t stand out?


Just not my cup of tea…


Fair enough. I was just curious if there was something specific. Can appreciate the game isn’t for everyone.