Titanfall 2 Tech Test

Edit: OK it is now available online. Again, their instructions are wrong though. For PS4 I searched for the game, it only let’s you type in so much. Then I went to the standard edition of the game and scrolled down. At the demos you will find the test tech demo.

Sauce: https://www.titanfall.com/en_us/tech-test/


@ducksauce88 Does it show for you on the store?

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so this is automatic for everyone? no key needed? definetly have to load it up this weekend and test it if thats the case.

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Yeah, its Open Beta. But i am not seeing anything yet. Maybe it will up later tonight.

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im gonna check this out…thanks

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@xploz1on no it doesn’t. Lol thier instructions are wring for PS4 anyway because it doesn’t even let you type in “Titanfall 2” because of the way they have you search. Lol their instructions are wrong…not a good sign. Anyway is why they would tell you to download it when it isn’t even there. I can confirm the same on Xbox as well.

I hear the single player campaign is not that shitty.

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the game will probably be worth it alone for the single player. I do hope the MP is done well though. this is what makes/breaks the game for me though. In the original one, i really digged the shooter aspect, but every 2 seconds you could drop a titan. got a bit old imo. think the game had solid fps elements without the mechs. They should be something you only see once in awhile.

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OK it is now available online. Again, their instructions are wrong though. For PS4 I searched for the game, it only let’s you type in so much. Then I went to the standard edition of the game and scrolled down. At the demos you will find the test tech demo.

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EVERYONE!! Get your Titan going



I did test this, and again, the pilot non titan combat is fucking amazing and should be a game in itself (I think they have a mode pilot vs pilot now without ittans). The modes with titans, they were just everywhere and you can get them so fast, it almost nullifies pilot gameplay. Once again ruining it like Titanfall 1 did. They implemented a patch over the weekend to speed up getting titans. I think the titans are cool, but should be a hard thing to earn and your lucky to see a few per match. That just isn’t the case and the game loses any holding for me cause of this. If the pilot vs pilot becomes one of the most popular modes, I may invest. otherwise, nope, just cant do it.

What was everyones thoughts?

I didn’t know we got a second weekend of testing for the 26th - 28th. Niiiice!

For most warm up matches I’d start off with Pilot vs Pilot and then straight into Bounty Hunt.

I think in the full game is should be some kind of penalty for leaving too deep into a match. I can’t count how many times we’d end and see the list of players only to find that our team (or the opposite) team only had like 2 or 3 people verses 5 or 6 other players.

Gun play was really solid. I really felt like I was earning my levels & unlocks. It didn’t feel too ‘easy’ progressing to get different add ons and abilities for both Pilot & Titan. There was also something extremely gratifying being a pilot, climbing up the back of my teammates mecha to perch up top and lob off grenades from my launcher to take down another Titan for the assist … best feeling ever!

I don’t think there was a mode that I disliked, honestly. My friends & I were irritated because on the last day despite making a network, we had to send each other party invites after each MP match EVERY time. I hope they patch that up before the next test weekend.

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I disagree with this. I actually found that while it was possible for some to get a Titan quick (based on the progression being attached to a points system), it was quite easy in a group of two or three pilots to take one down (rodeo, anti-titan weapons, tripping them with your grapple, etc.). In fact, I think the only complaint I had with Titans was how easy it seemed to be able to bring them down - I had to play more cautious game as a result.

To each their own I guess.

As for the game modes we saw, I did enjoy the bounty mode, though I feel it needed to be tweaked to give hope to a group who was behind the bounty eight ball early to have a means to catch up.

Considering the server issues I saw, I think much of this was the result of instability within matchmaking and stable gameplay, rather than people leaving. But I do feel there will need to be some form of penalty built-in to prevent this - you’re bang on about the number of matches that ended 5v2, etc.

Seems Respawn was paying attention to some of the issues from the tech test for those who are curious.

The tl;dr version:

  • We’ll be tuning air speed and wall-running speed to be faster.
  • Players should once again accumulate and retain more speed when chaining wallruns.
  • Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.
  • Titan dashes will recharge faster.
  • We’ll be showcasing more maps over the next couple weeks on our website, including more traditional Titanfall maps.
  • We’re going to bring in the fade distance for enemy outlines so they don’t reveal pilots at extreme distances.

All of this is top notch and it shows they took great care in properly coding their project to easily implement these changes so quickly.