Abathur: Mines do more damage, Talent “Bombard Strain” Does more damage.
Kael’Thas: Living bomb now on an 8 second cooldown (down from 10)
Malfurion: His Q, E and D skills got buffed. Lots of talent changes.
Sonya: Seismic slam does more splash damage.
Stitches: Slam and Devour now cost slightly less mana. Devour now on a 24 second cd (down from 30)
Brightwing: Trait heals significantly less but heals slightly more often. Q recieves massive damage cuts. W recieves a slow at the cost of .5 second polymorph reduction. Many talent changes.
Diablo: Talent “Devastating charge” no longer reduces the duration of polymorph by 50%
Illidan: Metamorphosis does less damage.
Rehgar: Ancestral healing now on a 70 second cd (up from 60). Many talent changes.
Sylvanas: Wailing Arrow does less damage. On the plus side, possession seems semi-usable now.
The Lost Vikings: Where to start? Well, there’s a lot of changes so just trust me when I say they’re getting nerfed :slight_smile:
Tychus: Talent “Melting Point” does less damage to non-heroes
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Thank you for the recap. It’s gonna help for tonight.


Is this the patch that is going live with the Diablo event?


Confused as to why they would buff Kael’thas, but glad to see a Malfurion buff.


The Kael’thas buff seems totally unwarranted. Was anyone upset about KTs damage numbers being low? He’s already a beast


@Rellek Kael is deff gonna be a beast this is a generalization of the patch i didnt go into details on heroes new talents and yes this is the patch to go with the diablo event

There also letting you try the patch before it comes out if you download the PTR region you can try it out tomorrow


TLV and BW look hard hit by the nerf bat. bw i can understand but TLV was one of the lowest chosen heroes even though they had a high win rate. Malf looks to be ahead of bw after this patch.