To all aspiring game developers


…[the time is now][1]!

Unreal 4, as of today, has just gone free to all with a 5% royalty after $3k/quarter. Neat :wink:


I downloaded Unity the other day to mess around with.


Yeah @vocino I downloaded Unity to mess with recently as well, however I’m such a noob when it comes to programming. And with doing videos, streaming, work, and life it’s hard to even find time to learn. I think I’ve actually done it. I’ve made myself so busy I can officially say that there are not enough hours in the day.

I did have an idea for a really funny game that I wanted to make…no idea where to even start.

Edit: I was going to call it Soul Harvester. Basically a dark version of Harvest Moon. Where “plants” are recently deceased souls that you would have to grow and nurture into souls that you can deliver to their proper place. You would be playing a “Soul Harvester” in purgatory. There would be stores that collect the souls and you go and buy them. Maybe some sort of economy system where the hell and heaven are at a bidding war and you sell the souls to wherever you want. But the trick is, souls have a good/evil meter, and if you sell a good soul to hell you would take some sort of punishment, but reap a reward. I don’t know it was just an idea. I have a few other ideas too, one is for a survival game with a multiplayer economy system(if anyone cares to hear about that)

Edit 2: My ideas come from my dreams too…think about how I feel when I wake up in the morning. :stuck_out_tongue: