To all our EVE online noobs. Take note!


Basically a new player is contacted by a player that seem to want to help the new player. In the end it’s costs him (the new player) 90 Mill ISK wich for a week old player is a a considerable amount.


What is this? Can you put the content here or summarize it or something? Just having a link to reddit doesn’t make for a good thread :slight_smile:


It’s screen shots that player has taken didn’t really want to steal them and post them here. Is there another way to post it that it links to the pictures.

I’m on my phone might be why it came up in that format.

The difference between stealing content, linking content, and user experience


Thanks wasn’t what I had In mind but thanks.


What did you have in mind? Isn’t that what you’re trying to share? Sorry, thought that was the goal.


Can someone explain what actually happened in that exchange? Did they take her money and her ship? Or just the money?


I’ve never played before, but it would seem that he took the money, got his contracted ship back and left here for dead in a far off location. I don’t think she was able to bring her other ship to that location.

Edit: I think she must have been in her Venture when she realized he was gone.