To Bridge or Not to Bridge

I’m considering picking up a second GTX 770 and using the SLI Bridge. I need a push over the ledge or a hand to pull me back in. What do you guys think? I’m looking for a benefit in both gaming and multimedia work.

What games can’t you play on max settings? Don’t say minecraft.

Is that all it is about? Playing games at maximum display quality?

Generally thats the key factor for leading people into the SLI/Crossfire territory. What are you looking to do with a second GPU?

Yes, that’s the primary reason. Specifically, you would be rendering every other frame on each card through SLI. You would also be breaking up a couple jobs like running physics crunching (PhysX on nVidia).

It’s possible that there are games you think you’re playing on max settings but aren’t because they don’t even give you the option since running PhysX on the same card would be too much. A good example of this (and potential benchmark if you have the game) is Tomb Raider 2013 with TessFX:

You’re talking about every single hair on her head having individual physics (in addition to everything else in the world). This takes some serious GPU power.

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That is one thing that nvida has over other cards is the physics. Being able to put more power in it would be nice.

Awesome Stuff.

Is there any real again when it comes to Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, etc?

No, not really. With SLI what you’re solving for is bandwidth. Only so much data can be processed by the GPU while doing things like physics. When you hit that cap, you can add another GPU and essentially double it.

I don’t believe any Adobe apps take advantage of SLI.

It looks like Primer Pro added Multiple GPU export support in the June 2013 update. will take advantage of the second card for rendering…

Very nice!

Now that would be very nice.

SLI helps my PC stay above 120 fps so I can utilize 120hz monitor for FPS games.

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IMO it’s a personal decision about whether or not running games at max everything with high fps is important to you. I’m content to run games at high with some of the extra features like bloom and volumetric shadows disabled because, quite frankly, I think it both looks a bit like dog shit (seriously, I don’t need all those additional features to achieve immersion; I used to be enthralled with Duke Nukem 3D, FFS) and can totally give me a headache after an hour or two; consequently, for me, there’s no need to go SLI.

It’s something everyone has to decide for themselves: will it enhance your personal experience with the games you play at an acceptable ratio to the money you invest to make it so? :wink:

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I currently run 780s SLI and before that I had 660s SLI.

Honestly, there’s not a lot of games that use PhysX. If you actually look at a list it’s not that big. Borderlands series is one of the biggest titles.

But I will admit the games do look nice.

I do have a “gaming monitor” running at 144Hz. The difference is noticeable in Diablo 3 and League of Legends. But for games like that I would do just fine with single card.

I’m not sure if I play enough high-end games anymore to warrant SLI. I don’t think I noticed much improvement in Wildstar. When I upgrade again I will seriously consider going back to a single card.

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Personally I’d much rather spend the extra coin I save not buying a SLI card to get a higher tier model of whatever I might SLI + get a better CPU. Generally if you’re going to SLI a card, it’s not going to be two $200 cards, you’re likely looking at around $350-500 per card. Anything less than that, you’re going to get better performance just forking over the extra $100 or so for the higher tier card.

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I have decided that I needed to upgrade my monitor situation before adding another Graphics card into the mix. I’m pretty sure the one I have been using has not been displaying my system at its full potential. Thanks for the great info concerning SLI.

I think that’s a smart move. Wait until the 990 GTX or even the 1000 series to splurge on a new video card.


Probably not a bad idea. Let us know what you get!

I kinda went all out. I’ll update when it all comes in and I get it set up. :smile:

Haha, sounds good.