To everyone whether you love or hate Destiny



So for those of you who know me as the Destiny clan co leader/player. I haven’t played it about 3 weeks due to lack of content and will to play. I have been off playing Fallout 4, Warframe, and some of my old games I haven’t touched in awhile.

I recently went back to the game because they were offering guaranteed light level320 ghosts shells(for non Destiny players that’s very very rare to get). So I figured why not jump in for something “for sure” to get out of it. I jumped in with an old buddy of mine and after we finished I kept playing with other friends.

While playing I discovered again why I love this game so much. its not the gameplay, the story, replay ability, raids, PvP, or even gear. Its the community of friends I have made along the way and what fun we can get into. playing PvP with my buddy was so much fun and we were just bashing each other at our bad plays and praising at our sweet shots. it was a great time and I have been on again every night since then(when some buddies are playing as well).

I’m not writing this to entic others to get the game, if you do that’s great can’t wait to see you. And I’m not trying to get the others who have moved on to come back. But I’m writing this to say that I enjoyed all of our time together while playing this game and can’t wait to make more memories with my fellow Guardians. If you ever want to see me, I’ll be either in the tower, on the Dreadnaught, or in the crucible. Love you guys.


I’ve seen it said that the best cure for Destiny hangover is a good long break. I’m still enjoying mine, but I know I’ll be back.


I still believe that Destiny is the best shooter hands down. The feel of each individual gun and the smoothness of gameplay is above any other I have played.


@blinkbrac The open beta is this weekend for The Division…i hope you can check it out and play for a while…its a really great game! :smile:


Hammer, meet head of nail! You couldn’t have said it any better.

I think the only reason I’ve continued to play Destiny on a regular basis is to run with my community of friends (most of which come from Dads of Destiny Foxtrot PS4 - been trying to get them to come over to Strats). While we reply a crap tonne of content, it’s the childish banter between us that keeps us coming back.


Great post. I had been hearing great things as well.


The mechanics are seriously some of the best after playing other shooters, nothing compares to the smoothness and uniqueness