To sell or not to sell? (Fallout 4)



So it turns out I have one of the ultra rare Fallout 4 Pipboy editions. I paid 120$ for it but they are selling on Ebay for 400$. I really want it but it is worth skipping the 400$ payday?


Play it by ear. Don’t sell to early.


I have always wanted my own pipboy cause I have been a fallout fanboy since forever but the selling price is so good.


This happens with damn near every collector’s edition these days; don’t perpetuate the asshole methodology of buying one or more copies of a collector’s edition and selling them for profit, please.


Yeah that makes sense. It does seem kind of douchey to sell them just cause the demand is up and I dont really need the money. What I need is a damned Pipboy.


The bragging rights are well-worth keeping it :wink:


Patience is a virtue…
I bought a Green Arrow Funko Pop for $10… It’s now 3-ish years later and sells for $300-$500…