Today Ark Broke Me



Today was a sad day in Ark. I went into the cave on Carno Island to find myself a sweet Spider to tame. I flew over Nightwing with all the materials I would need. Even took my purple pistol for extra protection. It wasn’t enough :cry:. As soon as I found a nice spider (level 108) I started to kite and build a structure. But, it didn’t last. The spider knocked me off the dge and I lost everything. I went back after crafting a perachute to attempt a rescue mission. Unfortunately during my mission Nightwing was killed by a bat. Through the grief I could function and was killed again. Here I sit a broken man :cry:.


Nightwing: 2015-2015

You will be missed sweet prince.


Rest in peace Nightwing.

So say we all!
So say we all!


sorry to hear





awww im sorry :frowning:
why do you guys keep doing things alone? we are a tribe for a reason! xD


I was the only one online and I haven’t been able to play much this week.


ummm because you guys dont log in :wink:


Got you a present @Dynamible


Oh my God! You guys are the best!


He’s getting so big!


Omg omg omg omg

I can’t wait to play tonight.


He should be fully grown and ready to fly by then


Random question: has anybody seen my axe?


I’m not saying there is a hit out on Night wing 2.0, however…


Now now, I worked hard raising him.


That’s just more tears for my cup :wink: