Today I Got Ganked



I made my first trip to the guild PvP territory today. Delivered 2 full stacks of both wood and stone. Also brought 2 full stacks of food for the buildings.

On the way back I got ganked while walking thru the Ravine. A group of Asylum ran me down shortly after my shield dropped.

I’m mad about it. It’s probably time to start pushing people around.

I’m ready to craft some T3 gear suitable for PvP and go hunting this weekend. I’ll be the healer or I’ll do some mage support.

Would anyone be interested in participating?


Yay finally! I have been waiting for the first person to get angry…count me in…I can reforge some of my T3 :slight_smile:

I wear plate and don’t do much dmg but can cc a bit etc…



I’d be glad to help as well. No idea how well I’ll do atm.


Navi/nevi Cloak n Dagger got me. Lost my Ox and t3 tools.


Isn’t that the guild that we’re supposed to be semi-friendly with?


I would say that try not to be angry. Anger leads to hate and you will just stop enjoying the game. This will happen a lot I have been stung by this a few times. The plan is to get gear production up and running, so when that happens this kind of thing will not feel that bad because you can just go and get your gear again. And I would guess T3 would not be enough to fight with a ratio of 1:1 most other guilds will be a lots stronger you would have to out number them to win on t3 stuff and even then its might not go as planed.

I will be doing lots of pvp when the guild is more stable. Can’t wait :smiley:


“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


Which was what I was thinking :smiley: