Today I Pressed That Share Button


I spent some time this weekend doing research on PS4 streaming. I’ll admit I was somewhat inspired by the Artwork & Assets thread. Why can’t I have nice things?

I chose PS4 because I expected it to be the simpler platform. No need for capture cards or Blue Yetis. I thought all the basic tools would be present in the console.

My main concern was bandwidth. My service provides a measly 1.5Mbs upload speed. Would that suffice for streaming? Again I suspected the PS4 would be the better choice for testing.

I searched various websites and forums but never got a clear answer on minimum requirements for streaming. So this morning while the baby was sleeping I linked my Twitch account, set my PC to my channel, and hit that Share button. @Nubhugs was swell enough to join me for a few minutes.

I started out on Best(nonHD) quality. Stream seemed to run fairly well. I tried raising to HD but the video quality would drop constantly where there was action on the screen. I may try Medium level later just for a comparison.

At the present time I wouldn’t be able to have a consistent stream schedule. I doubt I could stream for 30-60 minutes at a time. But at least I have shown that I do have the capability and I might enjoy turning it on sometimes for the lulz.

So come check out teh_ninjaneer on Twitch. Profile pending.

Now to grab that awesome PS camera!

Last Night I Downloaded That OBS

TLDR: “I’m going to make all the Twitch Bux now. Already buying my house on Easy Street” - @teh_ninjaneer


I’m filling out my application for Twitch partner right now.


While not entirely customizable like using a PC, the PS4’s streaming is actually pretty nice. You can include video, comments, and a banner message across the bottom. With those 3 elements, you do basically have everything you need–it’s just not fully custom.


Partner isn’t enough, be sure to include a donate button, sponsorship and Code STRATS for 10% off lootcrate for MAXIMUM money.

You’ll need these because you’ll be SWIMIN’ in it:


I’ve only ever used Twitch for watching streamers. I’ve never fully considered producing video myself before yesterday. So I need to learn all these things.

Hey, if I could make 15-20 bucks a month to help pay for a game or buy a biscuit on Saturday morning, I would be a happy man.


Check out @simplyundrea’s archives. She uses PS4 streaming to not only stream to twitch but then cuts highlights for episodic Let’s Play style videos of a full playthrough.


Something that no one mentioned about was your upload speed, so allow me to talk on that a bit:

1.5Mbps, on average, is very low, and you may find it hard to stream with that. However, I’ve seen people stream with worse, so it’s really going to be a case by case basis.

Some things you can do to help you is by going into the streaming settings and setting everything to low, so it doesn’t need a whole lot to push out. The key is to look at everything (run your stream on your mobile device) and see what others are seeing. If you’d watch it, then you’re in good shape.

The reason you never got a “minimum requirements for streaming” is because it is so fluid based on so many different factors, that there is none that can be listed as a hard guideline. As a soft guideline, a solid upload speed is about 2000kbps, which would ask that your internet have at least an upload speed of about 2.5Mbps. But again, people stream with far less, you just have to tweak a lot of settings. PC lets you do that far more than PS4, but it sounds like you’re getting by with the PS4 just fine.


I’m aware that my upload speed is pretty sad. I could get better by changing services but I’m just lazy. Plus the other service is less reliable (I have two providers available here).

I was watching the stream from my PC and the quality of the non-HD stream really wasn’t bad. I could enjoy watching it I think. Hopefully later today I’ll be able to try out the various non-HD (SD?) settings.

When you list a 2.5Mbps requirement, is that for 720p?


If you want to eek out every last drop of bandwidth, make sure you have stuff like Dropbox, BT Sync, whatever turned off on your PC. Anything that eats up bandwidth, like apps that regularly check, sync, etc.

Even on your phone.


Yeah this is a big deal. I’m the only person here right now and I’m a minimalist with my phone/tablet. But in the evenings when my wife and stepsons are here it might get hairy.


720p@30fps on Twitch is generally between 2000-2500kbps (2mbit). That leaves no room for your game though if you’re playing multiplayer.


Mediocrity dictates that I stream at a lesser quality.


Yes, @Vocino answered it. They often use what’s called a non-fixed CBR, which allows some fluctuation. So if you set it at 2000kbps, it’s usually 1800-2300, give or take.

The thing is, until you’re partnered with Twitch, you have no way of allowing your viewers to change their settings to match their interent as well. This is something I’ve found out the hard way, so even though I have 25/25 internet, streaming stuff that’s too high forces out some people who cannot download as quickly as I’m uploading, leaving a blotchy/non-existent experience for them.

The sweet spot has definitely been 720p30 @ 2000 kbps. It allows for a decent quality stream that is the most accessible by users.


Variable Bitrate (VBR). However, Twitch doesn’t recommend this. It usually causes banding issues where at the lower action parts your viewer won’t be receiving much data but then it spikes and causes buffering. It’s better to use a CBR (constant bitrate) at a slight lower setting so that it’s more linear and predictable for the viewer.


In the future, if you want to be able to export HD (720p) video to YouTube, stick with the Best (HD) setting.


I just tried streaming some Destiny multiplayer. I had to drop the stream quality down to High (rather than Best) in order for the Twitch dashboard to give me the green light.

Sad times. But I’ll make the best of it.

When you say export, do you mean transfer the video from Twitch to YouTube? Because my stream quality has no effect on actually recording video directly from the PS4 with the Share function and uploading it to YouTube, right?


The PS4’s share feature only records in 720p, beyond that your stream quality won’t impact the share features recording ability.


Yup! I mean transferring broadcasts that you’ve done from Twitch over to YouTube. And that is correct. Your stream quality doesn’t affect the recorded video, which is great. No matter what, as long as you keep your settings to Best (HD), you’ll get a nice crisp upload.

It also makes highlighting videos a breeze, too. Choose the best clips from your Twitch stream directly from the site and hit ‘Export’ to send them to YouTube. I’m used to editing lengthy video so I love anything that lets me cut through hours of footage in a snap.


This is correct. I ONLY stream in “High” when I’m on my PS4 (since Best seems to want to drop out every hour or so), and I have had no quality issues or highlighting issues when uploading to YouTube. You can compare though: my entire run of The Last of Us was done in the “High” setting. If @simplyundrea only streams in Best, then you’d be able to compare because I’m pretty sure she’s done a playthrough of it too.

The “Best,” “High,” etc. is only about the live stream quality, not necessarily what is recorded and saved. To give you an idea, I also looked on YouTube for some comparisons, and you can see it’s really not all that different: