Tom Clancy Wildlands Beta Codes

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Brothers and sisters of StratsCo,

Tom Clancy Wildlands Beta is here and i had 3 Uplay (PC) beta keys to give people who want them.
Remember that when selected by Ubi you get 3 Invites to send to your friends.

If you are interested, or have keys to give away yourself, post here!

  • Must have been a StratsCo member prior to today Friday, February 3, 2017.

Check your email, today Ubi is still sending beta invites. Or check Uplay, the game should be on the list if you were invited.

  • If you have invites, please let everyone know for what platform they are.
  • Additional info:

Lets share the <3


@xploz1on - I would love one plz!

I would like to try this game please.

Plus 3 more codes from THIS GUY on PC as well. However, membership prior to 2017 is my only requirement. Dont try to be shady or attempt to be anyone else.

Also looking for a key, thanks!

If anyone has an extra I will play ;).

Do you still need a code? Friend me on ubisoft if you do. Same name as on here.

do you have more than one? i would really appreciate one! :smiley:

Not sure yet. If some people don’t friend me soon I will give one to you. Friend me on uplay

I got an invite thanks to @xploz1on

Sent a friends request on UBI :slight_smile: .

added you, wickdz1kk

if you have an extra key, hook me up! :smiley:

I don’t see it. is your uplay the same as here on strats?

I don’t have any keys to give, but @xploz1on @ducksauce88 and @epyon415 do

oh i thought you got invite to give when you got invited

gosh read the thread, he’s talking to me. stupid ps4 players.

He replyed to me, and his next post indicated he was indeed talking to me.



EDIT: Just to be clear, ducksauce and I are not actually mad at eachother.

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ha thats what you think :gun:

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Yup…I can try again.