Tom Clancys The Division 2



I would like to get some feedback on interest in this title…they have spent alot of time working on this and it seems to have paid off. This is the home page for the game where you can read all the info such as Story, End game and much more plus you can sign up for the Beta test.

I really want to pre-order this but would like to have some people to play with…what is your opinion guys?


Too far out for me to know at this point; I’ll probably give it an honest look-see after the holidays since I’ll just be getting a digital edition. ~65% chance I go in on it, depending on what else is distracting me.


I will likely be passing on this one. I just didn’t play the first game much at all. Never even finished the story.

I’ve decided to sell my soul to EA and go all-in with Anthem as my next looter-shooter type game.


I want to believe.

I got caught up in the hype for Division & really enjoyed the story when I was first playing it. But when it became apparent that the loot grind was real & the only way forward was constantly putting bullets into sponges, I lost interest.

I’m somewhat cautious about Division 2, but won’t preorder. Need to see the juice first, before making the squeeze.


Assuming you still have Division 1, I would suggest going back and check it out now. They have truly done some awesome enhancements, and the game is at a much better point compared to where it was during release and for the next few patches after that.

Assuming they learned their lesson in Divison 1 and carried forward what they’ve learned, then Division 2 should be pretty solid… that said we could get another Destiny 2, where the they revert all the great changes the live team made in Destiny 1, and now the live team is once again fixing Destiny 2.


This is honestly my fear; Ubisoft isn’t great at remembering things game to game.


Completely valid fear of course.


I’ve been curious about this title. I did enjoy a lot of The Division as I was working out my preferred playstyle and weapon mix, and I like the cover mechanic (except for their default keybinds). I played largely solo or with a squad of my cousins, and didn’t do PVP. I didn’t enjoy endgame bulletsponge enemies or the repetitive nature of the loot grind. Most of the end of my play was spent putting together various armor sets to see which ones I liked best for my playstyle at long, medium, and close distance, and how much pressure it would allow me to apply.

I’m curious how The Division 2 changes it up, but I have been a bit weary of Ubisoft’s shooters because they are ultimately unfulfilling. Wildlands was merely OK. I was actively bored in FarCry 5 and haven’t bothered to finish it. Unexpectedly the game that grabbed my attention recently was Conan Exiles, which I’m playing on a small 10-person private PVE server with my cousins. It lacks rich encounters and memorable locations, but the ability to free-explore and build almost anywhere in the world is pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing what advanced mechanics they add…right now it is pretty basic.


Despite all the hours and energy I poured into that game, it could have been so much more without too much additional effort. The new difficulty mechanics they added were pretty nifty, but the game needed a little more attention to its core gameplay to truly be great.