Tom Clancys The Division 2


I am also a fan. Last night I approached a friendly CP and actually saw group of enemies scouting it out (like my little scan did a thing and it said “Scouting”) and when I engaged them I got aggro on a bunch of enemies I didn’t even see until then.

It was as if they were sneaking up on the Control Point and preparing to attack, but I caught them in the act.


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That’s pretty cool. I hadn’t ventured back to one of the capture zones before, so wasn’t aware the enemy may scout it out, etc.



I like the fact they are holding beta-testing in March. Gonna participate and decide if I should buy it. BTW, the web-page looks nice and contains lots of information player usually wants to know before ordering the game. That talks about quality.



I played the beta last weekend.

I thought overall the game feels pretty cool. The setting is nice, the city feels interesting, etc.

The cover system is really great. I don’t think I’ve played a cover system game on PC that felt anywhere near as fluid as it does on console until Division 2. That’s a huge plus because I really like those mechanics.

The part I kept getting hung up on was the health bar enemies. It’s just kind of dumb. The entire game setting is built on such realism but then it takes 20 head shots to take out a “boss” (which is just a human with more HPs for some reason). Without some other factor (think cybernetics in Deus Ex) it just feels weird.

This plays into the problem with the last game too. The progression of the game is simply higher HP numbers.



Meh. I’ve played a million games where I have to whack a rat 60 times with a hammer to kill it.
Also, they have made strides in that area with the implementation of armor on enemies. Once you break the armor they melt.



You have to remember that on “boss” fights, whether they are purple or yellow in color, is the fact that they are wearing substantial armor. You have to take out the armor to get to their actual health bar. Some bosses you need to take out their ammo belt/pack so they have to stop and reload instead of just shredding you. Myself and @RedBeerde did the endgame mission with level 30’s and it was brutal…you actually have to account for the enemy mechanics, flanking, rushers, grenade launchers, etc. I am really looking forward to this game. It is a huge step forward from D1.

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That is reassuring actually. Clearly I didn’t give enough time to learn the nuances of the armor system. If it’s a situation where different guns/ammo/etc are used for different types of armor then that could be cool.

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I’m reviving this thread to see actually how many people are going to be playing this game from launch. I have had it pre ordered for a while so i’m all in…if you are going to play please reply to this so i can get a head count…there is alot of clan support in this one so i want to see what all that entaills…i know there is clan housing and perks but i do not know what they are so i hope we have enough people to have a Strats clan in game. Thanks!!!

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I have it pre-ordered as well.

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I’ll be playing

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I may pick it up… eventually. I did enjoy TD1 in the early going, yet found myself with little time and moved on to the next hotness far too quick.

Now I have a kid & the little time I had before is even smaller now. No one told me kids are time-consuming. Wouldn’t change it though… not for one nanosecond.

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The latest on clan support!!



Is there a companion app?

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There was for 1, wasn’t there? No drone flying though, because E3 lies.



Not that i know of…they showed it in the previews of D1 but it never happened. I havent seen or heard of anything this time.



That’s too bad. I love stuff I can play at work to feel attached to the game.



I’m going back and forth on when to order this. I was thinking originally “ugh, more Division grinding”, though I enjoyed lots of it. But I tried the closed Beta and it does feel like an improvement in a lot of respects, and one of the things I enjoyed doing most in The Division was just wandering around the city. Improved roaming bad guy mechanics would fit with my playstyle, which is not end-game oriented at all. I seem to play this games largely to figure out the mechanics and the systems, try to find some balance that appeals to me. The last game that I actually liked a lot for this was Firefall during one of the earlier alphas, when I had a maxed-out Nighthawk and two very nice crafted guns, a sniper rifle and a face-melting SMG, and I could glide from control point to control point to fight off invasions. The Division 2 might come close to achieving that loop again, but I don’t know if it would hold my interest.



@Vocino, @Droul



Clan features got me hyped.



It’ll be nice to get a solid AAA game that has real true clan support in game. Far to many seem to half ass it, or it gets baked into an external app/website, with no real tangible ingame stuff besides a tag. Excited to see how it really works.