Tommy2118 a Reintroduction


Hello Strats! I figured I would take the opportunity to reintroduce myself.

My name believe it or not is really Tommy. I have been playing video games as long as I can remember although, I have had a few long breaks in-between. I really enjoy playing games with real people. I find, like others have said, I get bored rather easily playing by myself.

I met @Vocino on Reddit when the Elder scrolls guild was trying to get off the ground. We defected here and now have grown into a vibrant gaming community.

I am humbled by the trust bestowed upon me to help manage this community. I must admit, I enjoy it. Sometimes I don’t get to play as often as I would like, but I play vicariously through you all.

I’m closing out a 20 year career with the US Military and looking forward to starting the next chapter in my life.

In closing, I enjoy Stats, I want to see it grow and succeed. I’m here to serve you all, I’m only a PM away. @tommy2118


Damn, I thought your name was Jim, lol.

I’m sure you’re a busy guy between the job and helping out around here. Try and make some time for yourself though :wink:


This. Yesterday I got very little playtime around all the stuff happening in the community, school, and work. Gonna have to work on the balance a bit more :wink:


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