Tommy2118's First Youtube Video


Hey everyone. Today I made a video using some of my TESO live stream. It is my first one and would love some feedback. Thanks in advance.


Looking really good man!

I dig the green screen action. I always found it really hard to do video on MMORPG gameplay because it’s so open. It seems like it’s better for streaming and then doing smaller segment how-to or something for youtube. Your milage may vary—thought I think @VivaVizer would agree.

Your video and audio quality is superb from what I can tell (though I’m on a plane and can’t get the 1080p to work). For a first video, it’s great.

A couple things you might be interested in researching:

  • Recording using Dxtory with split audio (your mic and the game audio in different channels)
  • Using compression and auto-ducking to automatically lower the game audio a bit when you speak.

PS: if you put the youtube link on its own line, it will get embedded.


Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely look into the audio tips you listed, in-game audio was on my list of things to get better for the next video. I have written a script for an actual ESO review, I just wanted to get a video or too under my belt first.


Also, you might like to check out the r/letsplay reddit community. It’s where me and @VivaVizer met actually. It’s dedicated to doing exactly what you’re wanting to do and has a lot of info.


Thanks. That is just what I needed. I feel like I learned a lot about post production today by trial and error. It will be nice to have a place to read up and stay in front of the power curve.


Ohh fancy a green screen!


You look so different with a beard. Let mine go a little bit between drills and found a few gray hairs in it so that shit had to go.


I have to go for a medical appointment tomorrow so I lose the beard today. It was fun while it lasted.


I find that odd. Why do you have to shave for a medical appointment, or is that something you just do?


I’m still active duty military. I am required to be in uniform for all official appointments, and I am not allow to have a bread while in uniform. :smile:


One more for your viewing pleasure. This one is more of a review of TESO. Once again your feedback is appreciated.

Edit: Fixed video.


I think the in-game audio is out of sync.


Thanks. I cut out all the load screens on my last edit. I watched the first few mins and all was well. That’s what I get for not watching the whole thing. I’ll pull it and fix it.


This guy has some good info on youtube as a publishing platform overall:


More rendering? >__<


Good job but that side profile doesn’t do your face justice.


Hello Tommy just trying to contact you needed to talk when you are available I’m always on skype so just message me on there when you can talk

Matt Law


That beard, tho! >>> Okay. Staying on topic.

This is an awesome first video! (I subscribed to your channel, btw.) Audio quality is really good - nice ChromaKey! - and the 1080p looks great. :smile:

Since I’ve never played Elder Scrolls before, I had no idea of what gameplay looked like. This video helped with a lot of my questions.

(I needed to watch something like this to give me a better feel for the game before Tamriel Unlimited finally comes out.)


I’m sure @tommy2118 appreciates the feedback but just FYI, @mlaw necromanced this thread back from the dead. Last post before that was in August.


Oops. I would notice the date after you mentioned it! Haha.